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I have found some details, about RAW files are already processed in the camera. Is it correct? Is it possible to check it or to get non precessed pics?
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Not unless you have access to the entire design process. Raw files are very proprietary to a camera manufacturer, as are their image processing algorithms.

There is some evidence that suggests raw files are being modified. For example, you'll see this from a 2005 interview with Dave Coffin (and Dave probably knows more about raw files than anyone on the planet). I think it's more likely to be occuring with newer models than you saw a few years back.

"Some Nikon cameras have gaps or spikes in the raw histogram, indicating that the colors were multiplied before being saved to the RAW file. Most cameras leave the RAW data alone, and write color multipliers into the metadata."


There is also evidence that Sony modifies the raw files in some of it's newer camera models.

I wouldn't rule out others are doing it either (they may just be a bit better about hiding it, so that the raw files don't have obvious tampering). For example, how they handle rounding and storage of intermediate values can impact spikes and gaps in the histogram with "precooked" raw files.

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Another issue is that digital cameras take an anologue signal and convert it to digital. All kinds of mischief can be done durring that conversion, but I doubt there is any way to get at the underlying analogue data.

Digital cameras are anologue and film cameras are digital.
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BillDrew wrote:
Digital cameras are anologue and film cameras are digital.
The difference between analog and digital is the size of the digit.
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