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Default Can't decide between Canon Powershot A60 and Casio QV-R40

Good day to everyone!

I have recently had the opportunity to get a Digital camera, and as everyone does, I did some research. I narrowed my search to Canon's Powershot A70, but from where I live in, the price of the A60 is the same as the price of the A70 in the U.S.

Add a pack of NiMH batteries and a charger, together with more memory, I guess I end up with a sum of around P20,000.

The A60, based from Steve's review, has a wide range of features, yet it has only a 2 megapixel CCD.

The other day I came across the Casio QV-R40, it was only P18,990, and it already came with a set of NiMH batteries, with a charger. It also had a 4 megapixel CCD! I just need to buy an extra SD card, since the built in 10MB won't do much for me.

Now this is where I seem to find myself troubled between the two. Canon boasts its DiGIC image processor, which it promotes "No Grain" in images. It is quite true, I've seen the samples in Steve's review, but it didn't really lose the grain, what it looked like was an image run through a Median or a Smart Blur filter.

Well, that's about it, I hope some people here can help me on this.

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The reason you're not getting any responses, is because it's too new here.

Nobody has it yet, and nobody has reviewed it yet.

I don't even see any photos from it on pbase.com (a popular photo sharing web site with over 13 million photos online from their users).

Here's their camera database, but no photos from the new Casio yet:


As of tonight, there aren't even any owner opinions yet, at dpreview.com (owners usually start posting opinions, once they get their cameras).


So, you'll have to wait until we actually know more about it's photo quality to get any opinions.

My guess, is that it's a good bargain as far as image quality, compared to the A60 (if you don't need the manual control). But, that's just speculation for now.

We'll have to wait until users get this camera and start reporting on it, and posting pictures from it, to start forming any opinions.
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Yes I see, so far the only review I've read is from Steve himself, and from the looks of it, I really think the Casio QV-R40 is a great bargain. The only thing to do for me left is to purchase some S cards and I'm ready to roll!

Yet, I seem to be drawn to the Manual Control features of the Canon PowerShot A60.

I have tested both products, and what dissapoints me with the A60 is the shutter lag. I took a photo and it shot around after .7 seconds after I pressed it fully.

With the Casio however, starting it up took only around a second, and getting shots was pretty quick too, with only half a second before you can take another one.

But, when creativity starts to creep onto you, I don't want to end up with something (Casio) that couldn't do half the features of the Canon, even if it is twice the resolution.

Which hole to jump into?
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