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Default Pixel per inch for quality 8 by 10??

Just wanted some other opinions on what you would consider the minimum pixels per inch thats pixels per inch (not dpi). For a 8 by 10 photo print? Just trying to figure out what to size the photos in Photo Shop 6.0 without having to waste alot of photo paper, so what would be the minimum pixels per inch for a good quality 8 by 10 inch print.
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Default Suggestion...

The difficulty of determining these figures is compounded by different requirements from the print device. Most printers have a driver which specifies the density requirements in dpi rather than ppi, so the "ball park" figures are to aim for something between 260 and 300 ppi as an input for most "inkjet" printers. Other types of printers have different requirements. Fuji uses 400 dpi and Epson's highest quality printers which print at up to 2880 dpi likes to see an imput for its finest mode at 750 ppi.

My suggestion is to download a copy of QimagePro (you will probably want to buy it after you try it) which has a free trial that's limited in the number of images in the queue, but not in the features. It's only a $35 program, but it takes care of ALL these details for you - you just feed it your native image without trying to change the resolution and it uses some of the best interpolation algorithms available to render as good a print as you are going to get - and you can take that to the bank! Loads of features - lifetime free upgrades which come very frequently.

I wouldn't be without it myself. URL below for download if you want to take a look..

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