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Default Needing a recommendation!

Just found this incredible site the other day and have been reading over the countless reviews and I'm still stumped

I purchased a Fuji Finepix 3800 the other day and I'm not quite satisfied in the performance of the camera. The main two problems I find with it is the electronic viewfinder is always a little to dark and the pictures that I take with is seem to not be as sharp as I'd like, even on the high resolution. (they seem to always have a brown tint to them).

I hoping that I can ask the readers here what camera they would recommend for me. Nothing professional, just taking pictures as a hobby and printing them out (mostly 5x7)

Due to cost, I'd like to stay in the 3.x megapixel range.

Could someone please give me some suggestions of possibly some cameras that you have been satisifed with?

Thanks for your help. (leaving for the beach in a couple days so I'd like to get it asap)
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I am not really farmiliar with your camera but look for white ballance settings to get rid of the brown tint. Also, pics that are not super sharp is not an uncommon thing with digital. consider software sharpening on your computer. If your camera has a low sharpening mode, and you use it and sharpen afterwords, you will get cleaner sharpening and you can adjust properlly for diffrent photos. I do not want to have to mess with sharpening every photo though so I only sometimes use low sharpening.
I use a 3mp canon a70 and love it, but it does not produce the sharpest pics in the world either. It is a very capable camera thjough.
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Default Problems

First, you might try posting this on the Fuji forum and see if other owners of the 3800 can help. Perhaps there is a way to lighten the EVF. I've never used that camera. However, when I bought my new camera in May it was lousy. Color was bad. Focus was bad. Speed was bad. After three and a half months the camera has gotten much better. Color is good, focus is good, and even the pictures are better.

Since you've already bought it I'd spend a little time learning to use it as well as possible.
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I'm sorry you aren't satisfied with the camera you selected. I hope you can get your money back on it! To answer your question, I am totally satisfied with my camera, and recommend it highly. It was my replacement for a Contax 139Q with a Zeiss 1.4 50mm lens, and it has met or exceeded all my expectations except one:

Even though the C-2100 has a fast 2.1 lens, there are some situations where you just can't shoot in as low light with a digicam as with a fast lens on an SLR!

For anything up to 8x10 prints, this 2.1MP camera produces sharp, clear images that are properly exposed. The zoom has the built in capacity to provide everything from moderatlely wide angle (38mm) to extreme telephoto (380mm). It has a focus assist light, so you can take pics in extremely low light, and it looks and feels like a film SLR. Take into consideration that it has a stabilized lens that will allow you to gain about 2 f-stops over non-stabilized lenses, batteries, charger and remote included, and it's hard to beat a refurbished unit like this for under $400.
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