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Default Upgrade from USB 1.0 to 2.0

I read in Steve's review for memory card readers that you could upgrade your USB 1 to USB 2, but I cannont figure out what I need to do this. What components should I be looking for, where do you think I could purchase these and how much do they cost? Also, can I install this myself.

Thanks everyone!
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If I understand correct, you want to use a USB 2 card reader.
You are not stating what kind of computer you have Apple, or PC (or maybe something really advanced). Next explanation is based on PC knowledge.

So unless your computer already has a usb 2 port, you have to buy a usb2 card (pc hardware) and insert it inside the computer. Not very difficult many experienced computer users do know how to do this.

Ofcourse you also need to have a usb2 card reader, to get full speed data transfer from your memory card.

If you use Windows98 or higher the software installation should be simple (in some cases nothing has to be done).

If you want max speed, a bit more expensive is firewire , but I'm not sure about the choice in firewire memory card readers.
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There is a thread on this same topic a little further on down.

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the differences between firewire and usb2 in this situation puts them pretty much equal with usb2 pulling ahead just a tiny bit. firewire has advantages in other ways that so far have not been addressed or taken advantage of in either the PC or Mac worlds.

we have USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 and 3.x on the back burner.
there is Firewire 400(1394a), 800(1394b), and (1600)(1394c?) on the back burner there.

notice the similarities here.
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