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Default NiMH AA question and also a 3 vs 4 pixel question

1) Am making plans to buy my first 3 or 4mp cam, considering the A70, A80, Nikon Coolpix3100, Panasonic LC33 & LC43, maybe a couple others as well. If I end up choosing a cam which uses AAs I am curious to know about 1600, 1800, 2000, 2100 NiMH batteries and how important is it to get the 2100s which obviously cost somewhat more. Also, is there any brand to avoid?

Have seen that the A70 sports longer battery life (but there are 4 of them I think, so that sort of makes sense) but still, it seems like Alkalines would be frustrating to use.

2) 2nd question: Doing some very rough calcs I measured that 4Mp cameras seem to deliver Jpeg files which are about 20% larger than 3Mp cameras. Are there any opinions out there about this, i.e., fewer pics on a 256 flash mem card, that sort of thing, inconvenience of fewer pics on a card vs better resolution of those pics, hard drive space, etc. Also, I understand that with 4Mp cams the lens deficiencies begin to show more than the CCD noise (a bit like grain) or other limitations of hand held cameras. My cam must be pocketable, I would regard the A80 as about the max size it could be. Price/value is an issue. I don't think I'll do larger than 8x10 but I can see that 4mp pictures would be better to crop.

Help on either of these questions would be much appreciated and may also benefit some others. Thanks, D
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1) The higher capacity the battery, the more shots you can get on a charge. I started out with 1600mAh, but soon got the 2000mAh batteries (highest capacity available at the time)...it does make a difference...I'd get as high as possible.

2) What size MP you get all depends on what your final output will be...if you're doing poster size pictures, get an 11mp camera. The *minimum* needed for 8x10 is 2mp, BUT with higher MP you'll get better quality and more details. Sometimes you can increase the JPEG compression without losing too much quality...on many cameras people can't tell the difference. If you're serious about taking pictures, you will soon get more memory cards anyway so you won't worry about filling one up (on my last vacation I took 4 cards with me and used them all).
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I just received the Oly C740Z and wanted to test battery life for the camerma. I used 1800mah Rayovac batteries and was able to shoot over 750 pics before the batteries died. About half were with flash and all were with the lcd finder own. I am sure that the newer 2100 mah batteries would even last longer. The point is that I had to reformat my card just to keep taking pictures. The batteries are not my concern but how to unload the pics. I use an Xdrive to download pics and it has 10GB of storage.
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Well, the thing with storage space needed for 4mp cameras, just remember that most 4mp cameras can also take 3mp pictures. Furthermore, with memory cards so cheap these days, there really is no storage motivated reason not to go with the 4mp. As to the question of 3mp versus 4mp, it depends on what you want. If you only plan on printing out 8x10s with pretty much no cropping, go for the 3mp, but if you want the ability to crop and still get great 8x10s, go with the 4mp. As to the question about with 4mp does the image quality begin to degrade, I've never heard of that happening and I find it a little suspect considering that digital cameras are made up to 14mp (not including digital backs) and they don't seem to suffer from any degradation.
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