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View Poll Results: Which method of print reproduction do you prefer? The PC & printer at home? Having the photo s
I prefer to use services at Kiosks, stores or specialty photo services to get quality prints. 7 28.00%
I prefer the home PC and printer most or all of the time. 13 52.00%
I use both methods. 3 12.00%
I like making pictures using a Digicam-docking-station / Mini-printer setup. 2 8.00%
I prefer to print directly to my PC printer, bypassing the PC (some printers offer this feature). 0 0%
Voters: 25. You may not vote on this poll

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Default What is your favorite method of making prints?

Update as of 9-30:: we are getting some great responses, keep it coming!
The Poll:
The answers will differ depending on needs and also may depend somewhat upon the printer(s) you own and how much spare time you have. That being said, with the advent of mall photo stores and discount stores who now make it easy to e-mail or walk-in your digital photos for quality chemical-based photo finishing on Kodak or Fuji paper (or??), which methods do digital shutter-bugs prefer to get their prints? This question has come about because in doing my research for a new digital cam I have learned more about these options and was surprised at how easy they make it to bring in your digital photos for finishing. But are they any good? The rates I have found so far here in So. California for 4x6 prints are 26 cts (1/4 US Dollar)at discount stores to 49 cts at a mall shop, with incentives for joining their club to lower the overall cost.

Answer directly with any special comments or issues; also wondering if you prefer to edit your pics (for composition, color balance or contrast etc) first before printing them or usually not?. I am also curious to know what you think you're spending per print (cost of supplies, inks etc - may be hard to answer - but the info might be helpful). For the poll, even if more than one answer is correct, try to choose one that fits at least some of the time. If you only print a few pics out of several hundred taken, that's still printing, so you can do the poll. Thanks!
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Default Their Club...

Is one of the biggest rip-offs around! A year ago I took a roll in to see how good there processing was compared to other places in my area. When I returned to pick up my pics & was looking at them (& they were no better than ones I had done at Target, BTW), the clerk started his sales pitch on joining the "Wolf Pack Club". I told him I wasn't interested & he told me my processed set of 36 single prints would be $26.00 (more than 3 times what any other processor charged me). When I aksed him how much they would be if I gave him $20.00 to join their "club", he said they would be $18.00 (still more than double the price of other stores). I told him to shove my pics up his a** & left.
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I use Epson Film Factory for most of my printing (at home).

It lets me print "album pages", with comments underneath each photo, and you can resize the photos on the album pages, too (some larger, some smaller, etc.), moving them around the album page (so you don't have to be limited to the default album pages templates).
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Future Photo through FutureShop is where I get my prints done. They might not be the best priced but the quality is always beyond my expectations given that they have 2 facilities in Calgary that do the printing and both printers are around the $1million cdn range. They also use Kodak's Royal gold paper....might have something to do with the quality. I only wish I could get prints larger than 12"x18".
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For the most part, I don't print at all. I post some to the web, save all of the originals and edited pics on the hard drive, and make slide shows on CD for particular events. When I do print, I either print on Kodak gloss and my Epson C80 or burn the prints I want to CD and take them to Sam's for printing.
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Originally Posted by lg
For the most part, I don't print at all. I post some to the web, save all of the originals and edited pics on the hard drive
I also don't print that much...out of the 2000 pictures I took I may have only printed 20 of them.

It's not that my pictures are bad, just don't feel the need to print them when they can be viewed on the computer.

Regarding online, I may have posted less than 100.
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I print at a nearby photo-lab so that I can put the pictures in an album and show them around in the same way I used to do with film pictures.

Far easier and more friendlier to use for other people. No computer needed. Pictures were made for viewing, right? Then why must I tie myself or others to a computer to do so?

I don't print every single picture I take, of course. During a recent trip, I took about 480 pictures. Of those I printed about 200 (in photo-labs - my printer is lousy in comparison) and put them in an album.
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Hmm no option home PC-> printer and or printshop/photoservice buro?

For a small amount of prints and or trial diy print is the way to go. On the otherhand next time if I return from a holliday with more than 100 digital files, I rather turn them in to a printshop instead of leaving them gathering dust on the computer... An experienced printshop also makes sense with +A3 print.

In the Netherlands those "drop your print-wish in a box and walk away" services, have been tested by a consumer organisation and 8 out of 10 turned out to be bad color news. Maybe they have improved in the last year, but that is also a point to rather ask your local photoshop to handle it or diy.
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I take many more pictures than I print so I prefer to use my pc to print my pics. The new inkjet printers have improved so much that they provide excellent prints. I also have the HiTi printer that I use for those special photos.
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I don't print all pictures either - many are lousy anyway. Just pick them up from the hard disk and copy them to the memory card before taking them to the photo-lab.
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