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Very nice composition and lighting! Good work... Photographers make do with what they got as a tool and not the price (or brand) of their gear is my motto! Great masters have created artwork with just pinhole wooden boxes.

There's only certain things one can achieve with each set of tool. Shallow DOF is one of them, speed is the other. Theses are the main reasons I move on to dSLR with wide aperture lenses, and anyone who has tried to capture actions or birds in full flight will realize the limitation of their cameras. No doubt my dSLR is big and heavy compared to my D7 or 990, but it will do things that my others cameras can't. There'll be a few who say one can defocus DOF in Photoshop, just as one can cut a tree with a hacksaw instead of a chainsaw (manly looking too)! but that's just the way it is... Also as Kcemb has also pointed out my D7 is still an amazing camera for nightshots with its WYSIWYG EVF/LCD and real-time histogram that no dSLRs can (except the E10/20). I had instead to constantly used brackets or manually review the shots with the 10D (beside changing lenses in the dark and in the open)!... and yes I can sneak my 990 to places my dSLR can't. :P

This does not prevent me from being impressed by the 300D when I handled it at Best Buy! It's so much smaller and lighter than my 10D. See, it's a 1/2 empty 1/2 full question... Owners of F5 (or most modern film SLRs for that matter) for example will find the Digital Rebel quite diminutive and light! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Default THX NHL

NHL - THX for the kind words, as Mark Twain said, a person can live for a week on a compliment. I think I'm going to feel deprived until I have a DSLR. I need to get my hands on a Rebel & the E-1 when it comes out and see what I think. I can always wait another year if need be to see if technology will serve up what I want. I'll be 50 next year, I'd like to have to only invest in one more camera system before I die :shock: Now there's a market position for a camera maufacturer that's really paying attention. HA!
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Originally Posted by LCohen
The rebel is not for everyone. Medium format is not for everyone, large format is surely not for everyone. But they still excel at what they are doing. For quality, the rebel kicks bottom and compact cameras cant even compete with. So we must remember that just because one camera cant do it all, doesn't mean its bad.
I agree. I can defanatlly see some of the shortcomings that you would see coming from prosumer digital use. It does lack in areas. What do you think a non-professional film slr user that had not gone to digital because he liked slr's would think. What do you think he would think if he had been using a canon film slr and all his lenses would work on it? Thats just one senario but for that person, I think he might like it. It is bottom of the line, dslr price wise. I wish I had one (could afford one), but coming from digital (my piddelly a40 and a70), even I am complaining that You cannot use the lcd to compose. Dslr's are for professionals and hobbyists that have a LOT of money to spend on their toys. I have probably spent enough money that I could buy one with one lens, but I have two cameras, four teleconverters, two wide angle, two slr lenses for reversed macro, lots of diffrent filters and batteries, a monopod, tripod, several sets of batteries and cf cards etc. for the same price.. I have been playing with ir latlly (my latest toy). A few years back, prosumer cameras were in the same boat. Look at how much prices have dropped and capabilities have risen on prosumer cameras in the past few years.

I think it is a nice first atempt at breaking the price barrier. did you notice that when this camera was first anounced, the big topic of discussion was the price? It may not fit everyones needs but I certainlly hope it fits the needs of enough people that it leeds canon to follow with a cheaper and improved dslr. Maybe if we get lucky, in a couple of years, you will be able to spend 1500$ and get a dslr with many of the toys I have have gotten for my cameras (lenses, not converters of course).
And for the professionals out there, you know this drives down prices on the really good stuff you guys like (that has many less complaints about features/capabilites, but perhaps a few more complaints on price). When the lower model camera get cheaper and more capable, so do the beter ones.

Just my humble opinion, I was bored and felt like voicing my opinion. I hope nobody minds. :P :P :P
As a side note, I know cheap glass gets cheap pictures so you can only drop the price of dslr's so much, but look at the tcon-300 and the tcon-17 (did I get those model # right?). Mass production makes good glass cheaper!
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