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Default Untethered camera control

I am trying to control my Olympus camera (C-700UZ), wirelessly, through the camera's USB port, using one of the freeware camera controller software packages. My laptop supports all of the wireless protocols.
How can I do this?
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Unfortunately there's no possible way to do it. All the wireless protocols your laptop may have are meant to hook your laptop up to a wireless network, IOW other PCs. If they made cameras wireless capable with Bluetooth, then I can see it. Those freeware programs (like Pinetree) are meant to work when the camera is hooked up to the camera via USB, and even then you have to switch the camera to "PC mode".

Some cameras can be triggered with special infrared remotes (like the 730 & 750) but the 700 doesn't have that feature and if it did it's limited to 20 feet.

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Thanks for the reply, Mike.
There are devices that convert USB to 802.11b.....one would think that there would also be a device to convert 802.11b to USB?
I have not found one. Does such a thing exist?
I mean if we can control a printer, wirelessly, using Wi-Fi, then why not a camera?
Yes, I have used the RM-1 remote (with IR entender which extends the range to 150'), but I really want to control ALL camera functions as with Pinetree.
I thought that the new Nikon D2H might address this issue with it's WT-1 wireless transmitter, but it appears to be a "one way" device....no wireless camera control from what I have read.
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