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Generally speaking how long does it take nowadays for the top manufacturers specifically of DIGITAL FULL HIGH DEFINITION cams to release a new top of the line model?????

I had the Sanyo hd-1000 for only 2 days before the slightly "improved" hd-1010 was released and luckily managed to take it back and get it refunded. And the hd-1000 was on the market for what? 7 months maybe?

So now im left wondering when will the hd-2000 get released then??? Your most logical guess?

Another model I was interested in was the Canon HF10 (canon's top of the line sdhc full hd) which has been out now for what? 5months? And considering it was canons entry into the market when will they likely released their new super duper model??? your most logical guess?

the contenders after those particular ones are from Panasonic followed by Sony. The one thing i dont like about sony is all the sony propeitary stuff.

So ultimately since the canon top of the line has been out for 5 months and the hd-1010 just came out and the panasonic and sony have been out for a while too when can we expect the new top of the lines from canon etc to come out????

I like the hd xacti range and if the hd-2000(guessing thats what they will call it) comes out with like 17-20Mbps encoding and OIS with fast accurate wide focusing and all the other bells and whistles plus even higher MP stills eg 10MP and slightly longer battery life and top it off with good/excellent low light performance, id buy it. The way i see it the faults with the sanyos xacti in comparison to say canons is slower awkward focusing, no OIS, lower bitrate, less performing low light capabilities

So now im stuck either buy the new "upgraded" hd-1010 and hope the actual new hd-2000 doesnt come out in like 4 months or buy the bulkier less convenient but better performing canon hf10/100 and hope they dont bring out a new model in like a 3-4 months either.

Anyone know any insider info or heard any rumours??????

I just dont want to outlay all that money only to find my model obselete within only 3-4months. 6-8months i accept.
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