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Hello, When come to polariser filter. Should I get a single coat or multi coat filter ?

Any recommand will be great like band name, model...etc for use on my Nikon D40 with 55-200mm vr len,

Tnanks !


p.s should I get a SB-400 or paid a little more for a SB-600
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guppies, I thought you had already decided on a B+W 52mm MC circular polarizer..?

A multicoated filter is supposed to give you better light transmission and dampen internal reflections better than a single coated filter. The big questions are -- what is the price difference between the single and multicoated (or, sometimes supermulticoated) versions; would you notice the difference most of the time, and if so, would the difference be enough to justify the price difference?

Unfortunately, theres no way of knowing short of taking photos with each filter and then comparing them on a monitor or in print.

If you had a local store with a liberal return policy, you might be able to buy (if available, of course) a coated and a multicoated filter of whatever brand that you decide on, make the comparison at home and then return the filter you don't want.

Tiffen, Hoya, B+W, Singh-Ray, Nikon and Heliopan are all good brands. I won't recommend any specific filter or even one specific manufacturer. Most people have a certain price range in mind, and you shop some reputable brands to see what falls into that range. Each brand has numerous filters of the same type, the price going up with the features. Just ask some questions, do a little homework, and get the best quality filter that you can afford. Remember that the filter will be added to the optical path of any lens that you use it with, so you don't want some el-cheapo piece of junk.
That doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to see enough difference between a coated optical glass filter selling for $20.00 and a supermulticoated digital filter selling for $90.00 to justify the extra $70.00. It pretty much comes down to how hard your money is to come by and what your priorities are. But generally, getting the best filter you can afford will make it easier for you to stop wondering if you should have gotten a better filter every time you look at one of your pictures and let you concentrate on making better pictures.

One other thing. You mentioned earlier that you either have, or are planning on having, two lenses. If you are really serious about that, get your filters the right size to fit your largest-diameter lens. That way, instead of having to buy two sets of different sized filters, you can just get a step-down ring that will let you use the larger filters on a smaller diameter lens. You don't want to go the other way (buying filters to fit the smaller lens and a step-up ring to fit them on the bigger lens) or you'll get vignetting.

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Thanks for the information again.Yes I did decided on a B+W 52mm MC circular polarizer. Since B+h don't take on-line order Friday and Saturday. SO I am going to order them on Monday. And as the same time, I might can get more information here to make some adjustment if necessary.

I do some search. Look's to me B+w is the one close to my $ range. A little bit more than Hoya, around $ 15.00 more.

The problem is I live in Canada and the price here are crazy. Some filter they are selling 70% higher. Like I can pick one up at b&h for 80.00$ same filter here ask for $140.00. B&H did reply my e-mail and recommand a entries lever single cost Hoya for around $ 37.00 , for multi cost is around $ 65.00 and B+w is 15$ more. But I like the type of glass better by b+w. And i see some review say you can't clean the Hoya with liquid or water will wash away coating.

I am going to a local store here tomorrom and see what they offer and go from there. By the way my 2 lens are the same dia. 18 - 55mm, 55 - 200 mm

Thanks !

p.s thank you for the information about the step-up ring and step-down ring informtion. That's good informationfor me since I have a lot to learn here. And I like it very interesting.

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