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I have a Fuji F700 that I have had a few years. I recently got it out to use because I like how fast it is between shots. When I power up the camera to take pictures, the slide switch goes past the review position. Sometimes instead of the lens opening and going into the camera mode, it goes into the review mode. I have to turn it on and off a few times to get it into the camera mode. The switch is going all the way over but it's acting as if it is stopping in the center (review) position.

This camera uses the NP-40 battery and I have charged it, but I don't get very long life from it. I'm wondering if the problem may be because of the battery or is it in the switch?

Thanks for your help.

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lenshound, just because I've had problems with slide switches on various other types of equipment, I'm voting on the switch. It sounds to me like the switch needs cleaning. On larger slide switches which were fairly easy to get to, a pencil eraser to remove the tarnish on the metal strip of the switch has worked pretty well for me. Smaller or harder to get to switches sometimes respond well to liquid electrical contact cleaner.

The bugger with small, tight switches like you probably have on the camera, is that its hard to get the cleaner where it needs to go without some disassembly to gain access to the contact points. It might be no big deal to expose the switch, or it might take a ridiculous amount of disassembly. You'll figure out which soon enough just by a careful study of the camera's chassis.

If it doesn't look worth it to expose the slide switch, you might be able to put a drop or so of contact cleaner (one that's safe for plastics) on the top of the switch where it sticks out of the chassis, work the switch back and forth (with no battery in the camera) and have enough of the cleaner migrate to where it will do some good.

Given the intimate proximity of the delicate and complex electronic components in this type of equipment, though, I would be reluctant to to drop a cleaner into the chassis with no way to control where it goes, were it my camera.

Look at your options for cleaning the switch and then figure if you think you can get 'er done with minimal risk. If you're not very sure, then maybe you might feel better about living with the problem until it gets so bad that the risk is worth it.

If you post your question in the Fuji forum, you might get lucky and hook up with someone who's done this before!


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