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Default "KEY" brand filters

Does anyone have any experience with KEY brand filters?

(see http://tinyurl.com/pcst)

Is it really made by Hoya? And if so, would it be worth purchasing the Key
brand over the Hoya brand? (I guess the only difference would be cost)

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Default Looks like nobody does...

But somebody said they were made by (insert name here) doesn't sound very good to me. Don't go cheap on filters or you'll ruin your images & may not even know it. Tiffen, Hoya and B&W are all good brands. Personally I use MULTICOATED Ritz (Quantaray) house brand. They are made by Tiffen & I've done tests on them to verify that they do not change my images in any way.
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Even if it does say made by a big name, this brand may be made to lower standards...one situation is Panasonic and Quasar, they're both made by Matsushita but Quasars are lower quality than the equivalent Panasonics.
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Thanks guys for the feedback. That confirms my thoughts about the cheap price on the filters. I just wasn't sure if this was something like the Sears game machine (really an Atari 2600 with a Sears label, if you remember back that far!)
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Heh, Heh, Heh.

Well -- I'm guilty of buying "Generic" brands -- especially food.

I won't publically embarass the food chain I had a problem with, but I recently purchased a box of cereal (Raisin Bran type Cereal).

But, guess what? No raisins.

I found none in my first bowl, then started rummaging through the box. I only managed to find 3 raisins total in a very large box.

This is a very large food chain, and the cereal in question was manufacturered by a major manufacturer (I found out the name later).

Of course, the store has a policy that if you're not satisfied with the store brand, they'll replace it with a name brand.

But, I decided to write the store (via e-mail) instead, explaining the problem. I provided UPC codes, manufacturer date codes, etc.

I got a call about 2 days later from the manufacturer (not the food store chain). Apparently the food store chain took my complaint very seriously and contacted the manufacturer.

They sent me a pre-paid shipping container for the cereal, along with a letter explaining that they used a metering device for the raisins.

They also sent me coupons for free cereal (4 boxes in fact).

We sent the box of cereal back to them (in the pre-paid container), and have not heard anything since.

Does this mean that Generic Brands are of lower quality?

Nah -- not in my mind. The same machines probably make the name brand cereal too. They just package it in different boxes for different food chains.

In my case, is was probably just a problem with the raisin metering device.

My wife thinks I nuts (for going to so much trouble to complain about it). But, that's just me. I wanted them to know about it (to help prevent it from reoccuring in the future).

Are lenses and filters the same (name brands just relabeled)? I don't know. I suspect that they probably are in many cases -- all coming from the same assembly line. But, in other cases, they may not be.
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