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Default How do I make CD's that will play on my DVD player on TV?

I just purchased a DVD player that says it will play CD's of photos. The manual doesn't say much about how to do it. I have tried playing cd's from both of my computers ( they have different programs for burning) I have tried cd's with folders of jpeg photos and cd's with just jpeg photos. I keep getting a message that the cd is not made for showing.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks Walt
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Guess it has to be in PhotoCD or VCD format...some programs have options for creating these disks; you can't create an ordinary computer CD with pictures.
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Well I have yet to make a photo cd to play on my dvd player for the tv and since you wanted to know how I decided to play around and see how to do it myself. Heres how I did it (just to let you know im a windows user so it maybe different for a you):

I got a free copy of Nero with my 40x Liteon cd burner. I opened up Nero Express, clicked on the Videos/Pictures tab, clicked on video CD, then add. This is when you can select the pictures you wish to add to the disk. As far as I know you should only add just the pictures and not actual dirrectories. If you wish to add multiply pictures at one time just hold down the shift key and click on multiple pictures at one time. Once you have the one you want added (and you can add more latter by clicking add again) click on the add tab. This will format the pictures and add them to the list to be burned onto the disk. When you have all the ones you want on the disk click the finished tab. After that click on next to move to the setup page. This is where you can change the way the disk will look when displayed on the tv. Once you setup the Layout, Background and Text click the next tab again. This is the final burning page. I would suggest calling your disk something other than the default "My Disc"... what I did was called it where the pictures where taken. It kinda makes it easier when I am searching through the disks to know whats on it without actually having the open up the folders to see whats on it. Once you have all that done you can brun the disk.

As im not a software expert (definately a hardware person)...and very far from it im sure I missed alot of steps along the way. The good news is that blank cd's are very cheap right now when you buy them on a spindle so if you mess up your not out alot of coin. Playing around with the settings is the easiest way to see what you like and don't like. I have a couple re-writables here that im going to use to figure that part out.

On a side note, it looks like more and more photo edited suites offer some sort of picture cd burning options. I know in acdsee6.0 which I recently upgraded to they offer some very extensive photo cd options compared to what nero has which I will have to try out and play with.

One thing I did notice when playing the photo cd I burned on the TV (27") is the pictures look....well nice, but after seeing them on your monitor they look kinda crappy. I'm sure the TV and dvdrom's resolution has alot to do with it (aren't dvdroms limited to like 450lines of resolution?). I guess I could try and sell a kidney on ebay so I could get a nice plasma tv..... :P
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the replys. I guess I'll have to look for a new burning program if I want to use the DVD.
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I have an Apex dvd player. I burn the photos to a cd and then insert the cd in the dvd player and the dvd starts a slide show.
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You'll find some VCD/DVD programs here:


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My DVD player (Apex (AD-1100 W) plays CDs right of the box. Just burn the pictures in JPG format in directories and plug them into the tray. It works fine although the guy that designed the remote control must have been an intern or the janitor. It's terrible... not at all intuitive.
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Well, I haven't experience the problems you are having, but virtually any jpeg picture on CD plays find on my Apex DVD player. If you're interested in making autorun CD's that will do a slideshow on most any Windows-based PC, I use Digital Photo Slide Show.
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Here's one called ProShow that makes a cd for PC or DVD player. Easy to use,with 170 transitions, and you can add music.

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