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Hai All,

I have Sony W170. How could I display data & time on photograph



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acording to sony on their website you cant

Date/Time Stamp : No/ No

its prob been droped as its a feature that not many people want as the exif data thats in pics shows time and date plus all camera settings, without putting a horrible organge stamp on the image

this data is viewed with software like exif viewer

you can allways add the date time later in editing software if you wish


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If you use editing software such as Irfanview you can batch process your images and automatically add the date/time (or any other exif embedded information) to your photos.

Its pretty easy.

Run irfanview, file - batch conversion/rename - tick use advanced options - advanced - tick add overlay text - settings

In the box in the middle type what you want to add, eg name, copyright symbol etc.

If you click the help button you get details of how to add exif (embedded information) to the photo.

Eg, if you add $E36867to the text box, the program will read the original date and time from the photo and add it visibly.

Then just select what font you want to use, color, size etc, ok out twice and then click the add button and select what files you want to process, then just click Start Batch.

By default the processed files are added to C:\TEMP but you can change that to where ever you want.

Obviously, never copy to the original folder, always keep a pristine copy of the original files.
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