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Default Q: Manipulating plain graphics

Hello there!

Kinda silly and not-so-important question, but i'm wondering do you guys know if there's a program that could "manipulate" normal picture and turn them to something like taken with addictional lences? (ex. wideangle etc.)

What i do is sometimes i go out and take some "background" images for my 3D scenes and i'm interested in using some of those bit stretched-out pictures. Quality of the BG picture usually is quite poor, but that doesn't prove to be problem because they usually get blurred out anyhow (something like taking macro shots)

Have two pictures to show what i basically want (taken last night while driving around)

This is the original picture with little resized -->*HPIM0466*

This done justa moment ago with 3D prog. -->*HPIM0466-3D*

I could do this as 3D yes, but it would ease up the process some if i could preview what it basically would look like with certain lence and then just adding that edited picture to background. Hope you got what i'm after (messy typing as usual :? )

My many thanks in advance

PS. sorry if i've put this to wrong forum... think there's so plenty of those diffirent section (maybe too much?) so hard to choose from :P
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What you want is called warping. Better graphic applications may have an option to render the image in 3D.
Tried it in Photoshop ->Filters->Render, outcome is not what you are looking for.
Tried Corel Painter ->Effects->Surface Controls-> Image Warp and yes it seemed to worked. You can download a 30 day trial at:
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Photoshop has loads of add on filters for that kind of thing.
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