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Hi folks!

I found this forum while I was looking for a Nikon-Shop in Los Angeles.

But first the explanation: I am from Austria an I'll be no vacation in California - starting in Los Angeles on the 5th of September. I want to buy and pick-up a "Nikon Telephoto Zoom Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Autofocus Lens" because of the cheap price in the USA.

So far I found the following shops:

Calumet Photographic 1135 N HIGHLAND AVE HOLLYWOOD CA 90038
Simon's Camera 1213 N HIGHLAND AVE LOS ANGELES CA 90038
Samy's Camera 431 S FAIRFAX AVE LOS ANGELES CA 90036

The winner relating to the price is canogacamera - but I don't know, if this is a recommendable shop.

So can you please help me?

Thanks in advance


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I've moved your thread down to our General Q&A Forum, where more members may see it and respond.

Canoga has a pretty good reputation.

But, you may be asking for problems trying to buy Nikon gear here for use in another country.

For service and warranty issues, you'd be better off buying from an authorized Nikon Dealer in your area. That's because Nikon in Austria might refuse to service it. I'd check with them to find out.

For various reasons, Nikon Regional Distributors (for example, Nikon Canada, Nikon USA, etc.) will usually refuse to service Nikon gear that was not intended for sale in the region you're trying to get service in, even if you are willing to pay for the service. If Nikon in Austria has that same policy and you have any issues, then you may not be able to get it serviced without sending it back to the U.S. You could also run into duties and customs issues. So, I'd research it carefully before going that route.

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Samy's Camera 431 S FAIRFAX AVE LOS ANGELES CA 90036, has three floors of camera gear and good prices too.
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Hi JimC, hi Calicajun!

At first, thank you for your fast and informative answer, for the welcome and moving this thread to the right place.

Nikon Europe says, that lenses have a world wide warranty, and at Nikon USA I found this: "The Nikon USA warranty on film cameras, lenses, and speedlights will be honored by Nikon-authorized service centers outside the United States as long as you have the yellow copy of the Nikon USA warranty and your sales receipt from a dealer in the USA." - so this should be no problem.

And even when I'm going to pay customs the price is still much better than in Austria.

I hope Canoga or Samy's have the 70-200 in stock.


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