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Default Upgrade of Nikon Coolpix 5400 to Canon EOS Digital Rebel

I recently bought a Nikon Coolpix 5400 at a retail store. Overall, I loved the camera. After spending some time familiarizing myself with the myriad of bells and whistles, I found it to be an exceptionally good camera. Picture quality was great and it almost felt like an SLR, although its small body was a reminder that I was still using a digicam.

Yesterday, I went back to the store to buy some accessories and was surprised to see that Canon had an SLR kit for $999 - $200 more than I paid for the Nikon. I already owned a Canon EOS Elan II film camera and several Canon EF ultrasonic lenses. The new Canon EOS Digital Rebel accepts all my existing lenses, Speedlites, and even my remote switch cable.

The Nikon Coolpix has some really nice features that are missing from the Canon Digital Rebel, e.g. user selectable metering modes, user selectable focusing modes, panorama assist, extreme macro, user friendlier playback options (lets user select multiple pictures to delete with a single click) in addition to some other useless features like movie clips, digital zoom, etc. As many Coolpix users have commented on this forum, the autofocus in low light conditions is a problem and adding a simple filter requires mounting it to a lens hood that accepts 77mm filters, dwarfing the tiny digicam with a very large diameter glass.

I upgraded to the Canon. The trade off was a no-brainer. The only feature I miss from the Nikon is being able to easily select preferred metering and auto focusing modes. I can live without those items. I mounted a 70mm - 300mm zoom lens that has been in my camera bag for years and it was great to be able to go outdoors and shoot wildlife digital pics!

The only "surprise" was that the camera writes much bigger files to the CF cards (it's a 6.3 megapixel) and I am going to have to invest in much larger flash cards, so at the end of the day, I will have spent about $300 more for a SLR that lets me use many of the accessories I have owned for years!
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The trade off was a no-brainer.
I think that quote says it all if you asked which one I would choose if I was in your shoes. Having already invested throughout the years in some of the parts needed for a dslr system its a very simply choice for alot of people like yourself. I'm sure Canon is going to see alot of the Digital Rebels simply based on that fact alone.

Enjoy your camera and be sure to share some of your pictures with us!
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I upgraded to the Canon. The trade off was a no-brainer. The only feature I miss from the Nikon is being able to easily select preferred metering and auto focusing modes. I can live without those items.
Actually they have made it quite simple: It's basically a Point & Shoot in the Basic Zone; However as the dial is switch to any other positions, every time one presses the * button, the metering becomes partial, ie a limited spot that only measures the center 9% of the viewfinder. The rest of the time the metering on the 300D defaults to an evaluative system with the weighting toward the selected autofocus point, either automatically by the camera or though user 7 available selections. In Manual the metering is centerweight (which can also be overidden by the above * button), kind of make sense! 8) 8) 8)
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