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Does anyone know the difference in quality of photos from a name brand teleconverter to a "generic" teleconverter?

For example, a Sony 1.4 tele will set you back about $450+, while a Kenko brand will run easily $79.

I know you get what you pay for. But does anyone have experience using the generics? Maybe even some pics to compare the two.
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First, there are two kinds of teleconverters:'Matched' and 'Generic'.

'Matched' teleconverters only work with certain lenses, and those lenses are usually expensive large aperture primes. 'Matched' teleconverters are of the highest quality, usually as good as the lenses they are matched to.

'Generic' teleconverters work with almost all lenses, and are not as high quality as the lenses they are attached to. Some manufacturers make there own teleconverters, but most teleconverters from third parties are made by Kenko and are equally good/bad.

Kenko and Sigma also make 'Matched' teleconverters that are very good quality, but again, only work with a limited number of lenses. Kenko's 'Matched' TCs are also sold under the Tamron name.

Any time you add optical elements to a lens, image quality is likely to diminish. My experience is that 'Generic'1.4X and 1.5X TCs aren't as bad as 2X TCs in this regard, and I've read that 2X TCs with 7 elements ("MC7") are better than 4 element TCs ("MC4"). I have a Quantaray 2X TC (6 elements, I believe) that I refer to as "The Purple Fringe Machine".

The best source of info on TCs I've ever seen is at http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/forum_topics.asp?FID=20

Dyxum.com is dedicated to Minolta/Sony cameras, lenses and accessories, but much of the information in this article is universal.
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