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Default Non-standard size photos and kiosk printing

Hey everyone - first time poster here... I looked and couldn't find any info on this question anywhere, so I hope it hasn't been covered previously.

I am hoping to take some photos (in digital form, of course), and print them at one of my local kiosks. We have a fuji kiosk available (non-instant), a kodak (instant, but they have no adapters and it doesn't read a cd I created with the jpegs on it), and a non-instant kodak kiosk.

My question is -- I want to crop the photos to some non-standard sizes (for example, a 5 x 5 square photo). If I do so, and write the jpeg back out to my SD card or a cd, will I get a square print from the kiosk, or will it stretch the photo to fit the 5x7 format or whichever I choose ??

Or, do I need some software (recommendations? I have XP on a Dell, so I understand Adobe Elements wont' work) to crop, and fill the "empty" space with white or black ?

Thanks for your help!
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Photoshop Elements works fine on XP and/or Dell as far as I know. I think Amazon has it for $50 after special offers. You might take a look through Techbargains to see if there is anything better. http://www.techbargains.com/ and http://www.techdeals.net/

The automatic equipment is still in 35mm mode. Your uncropped digital pictures are in a 3 X 4 ratio. 4 inch stock should be 5 1/3 inches wide. The automated photofinishers just crop a little off the top and bottom of the image to give you 4 X 6 prints which are the ratio of 35mm.

As far as I know unless you go to a custom lab they will just trim more off the top and bottom of the square images and make them 4 X 6. They donít stretch anything though.

Photoshop has always had a nice feature that you can set the dimensions or ratio in before you crop. If you leave the PPI blank it wonít dump any pixels. You can crop them yourself to 4 X 6 if you donít want an even amount taken from the top or bottom. I imagine Elements does that.

For putting white space in you would create a 4 X 6 blank document with a white background and just drag any images into it that you wanted white space instead of the photo machine cropping them.
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