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As a current 5D owner (not heavily invested in lenses - I only really use a 50mm prime) I feel free to switch systems if I see what I like somewhere else.
I am looking at the "small bodied" FF: Sony A900, Nikon D700, Canon 5DII.

Removing cost from the equation I think I would rank them (for my needs):
1. Canon 5DII
2. Nikon D700
3. Sony A900

USA prices fit quite nicely with that ranking:
1. Canon 5D II = $2700
2. Nikon D700 = $3000
3. Sony A900 = $3000

But in the UK the prices are very different:
1. Nikon D700 = £1635 ($2780)
2. Sony A900 = £1830 ($3110)
3. Canon 5D II = £2300 ($3910)

Now of course UK prices will probably drop fairly soon, but I have noticed this before and in other countries too. Canon seems to discount their US prices very heavily compared to other countries. In South Africa for example companies like Nikon and Sigma seem to sell their equipment at US prices plus maybe 20%, but Canon is US prices plus 100% (at least).
One other possibility is that the Canon 5D II is now falling foul of the video camera import duty into the EU, which would be very nasty and really does make you pay (not Canon though) for the video feature.
If you are UK-based how does this affect your decision? If in the US would these prices change your choice?
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Take a cheap flight/weekend over to the US and buy yourself the Canon.

Rather than focus on price, I would focus on image quality and usability (in that order).

You'll forget the price you paid, but you won't forget the image quality and usability in hand.
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