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rjseeney wrote:
... Legitimate vendors and retailers will not badmouth one product to sell another to get the spiff.
Sony spiffs, yet Ritz badmouths them anyway.

There was a company called Falcon Microsystems that was the sole GSA merchant for Apple Macintoshes. They also carried Tektronics Phaser solid ink printers. Tektronics offered a $400 spiff for each Phaser sold. Salespeople from Falcon Microsystems were selling Phasers to the Federal Government as fast as Tektronics could make them, and paying cash for new 'Vettes with their spiff payments. The Phasers were new, and, unfortunately, didn't work. Tech support people from Falcon Microsystems were working evenings and weekends trying to get these things to work and couldn't.

Falcon Microsystems collapsed under the weight of trying to get the Phasers to work.

Tektronics sold their printer business to Xerox.

Spiffs on sales to the Federal Government are now illegal.
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I worked in the world of spiffs for a while, and while we did push the products we got spiffs on, we would point out products and benefits to sell the spiffed product. We occassionaly had to let people go for using questionable tactics to get the spiff. I'm no longer in the business, but the number of spiffs that were paid out became less and less every year. I suspect they still exist, but it's not as widespread as it used to be.
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