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I would love to find a place where I can go online, view photos and then be able to view the exif information on each photo.

I love Digicam website, and I love looking at the photos here. But the exif is stripped and I can't see the information behind the photo.

Do you know a place where photos are posted that include this type of information? Maybe it's here, and I just don't know where to look or how to look for it.

Moderators, I am not asking for people to send me to a competitors website. I have learned so much here already. I just need some additional help. But I'm not going any where. There are some really gifted people here who have an interest in helping others. Thanks for all you do.

Faithfully yours,


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Not answering you question but explaining why I remove the EXIF data from the pictures I post. Living about a mile past the end of nowhere in a valley the only internet connection available without paying much more than I can afford is dial-up. That means I try to get my pictures down to something like 25k: the EXIF data will take up something like 50k since it includes a thumbnail image as well as the "text" data.

I applaud folks who strip the EXIF data and cut down image size - some include a link to a larger image which is great. If that data is important to what is being said, of course include it. In most cases it isn't important or the bit that is important (e.g., ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, flash usage, ...) could be included in the message using much less bandwidth.
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Hi Bill,

Hey brother, I appreciate the insight. I had no idea that the exif took up so much space on the net. Makes sense to me what that info would get stripped. So I am not arguing that point one bit.

What I'm trying to do is sometimes called "backdoor R&D". Find someone who's already done it, and done it right, then copy what they did. I'm looking for shots that I can stage, and then copy what they did form a exif standpoint, and then I can see what works and doesn't work with my gear.

Do you ever get to shoot any Packers games?

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I leave my exif in there for my shots to help people learn without taking a long time to post the important parts each time.

I use Opanda IExif to get exif info on photos posted online. Check out http://www.opanda.com/en/iexif/index.html

Here is an example of what you will get from Opanda on one of the photos I took at an Egyptian Wedding back in the summer, and can be seen here http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...amp;forum_id=5

All you do is right click and then you can view the exif.
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