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Default Small is beautiful Steve

Steve… thanks for your soapbox commentary! really! Its clear where you stand on the issues of "small" weather it be memory or cameras. I appreciate your opinion. I understand you position completely but I'd like to make some opposing viewpoints if I may…

Regarding a new flash memory standard…
Smaller is better not only because of enabling smaller cameras but also for providing additional room for more features (electronics) in current designs. A good thing for the "conventional" size camera.
Flash memory is used in MANY other devices where size IS everything. To condemn a new smaller memory standard with only a camera point of view in mind is wrong.
The marketplace will ultimately determine if this new standard will survive and cameras is only part of that.

Small cameras…
Yes we really need them and No they are not "Toy Gadgets" IMHO. Ask yourself this one simple basic question… How many times have you been in a situation where you said to your self.. "If only I would have had my camera".

The answer to the above question, to me, is the most important reason for a small camera. I hope to carry one with me ALWAYS for just those moments and it must be able to fit in my pocket without being obtrusive. I can't wait for the next moment to come along where I WILL have my camera with me!

We clearly don't need all the bells and whistles for that "one special moment" because any decent picture is better than nothing at all. Clearly… some of the most amazing pictures in the world are those "special moments" where someone just happened to have their camera with them. Other, perhaps even more incredible or amazing pictures will never been seen again because our bulky "normal" size cameras mindset. "If only I would have had my camera". )
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Don't forget about the new MemorySt'u'ck DUO either that was announced even before XD... Confusion is the name of the game !!!

I agree with Steve on this one. We have here two semiconductor giants trying to upmanship one another while the customers only need one reliable and cheap storage standard...However, like you I like the idea of small cameras...

Can we have both: a small camera using CF flash, and hopefully using 'El Cheapo' NiMh rechargeable batteries and not some fancy LiIon?

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this "standard" does seem to be a bit more adaptable though. at least they say they will offer an adapter for CF and if it is interoperable on cf cameras it will less of an issue than SD MM SM MS turned out to be. those are the formats that will suffer. if it turns out not to be adaptable to CF that fits in my camera it will be relegated to the memory museum. the cf Format is the most robust of them all.

as long as they can make cheap, big, reliable, and it fits in my camera i have no issues with it.

sony is got their own mindset on products. they do amaze me with their resistance to standards the did not create. look, they were the only company so far to pay off that scam company forgent for jpeg. what were they thinking?
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