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Hi all. Could someone please explain to me...in the "custom" menu on the oly e-510, the SQ tab shows a variety of "pixel counts" and "compression"..what does all that mean? i thought if i just kept it on SHQ, i would have a larger photo...so what is this all about? should i have it set to the highest pixel count and lowest compression or what? and how is this different than SHQ, HQ, AND RAW?
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I took a look at Steve's review of the camera, and found the table. SQ mode allows you to take pictures at less than the full 10 megapixels. The table shows the file sizes at the various pixel counts and compression ratios. This would be used for a variety of reasons when one doesn't require the full resolution of the camera and/or image quality, such as for web use, very small print sizes, etc. and when storage space is limited. You could run into a situation where you had your card nearly full, but needed to take several more shots. Using the SQ setting would let you get the pics, even if not at full quality. I didn't verify this, but I think there is a RAW + JPEG setting, and the jpeg would be the SQ size

The RAW setting always uses the full resolution of the sensor and is uncompressed. SHQ setting uses full resolution, but gives you the choice of uncompressed TIFF, or low compression jpeg. HQ also uses full sensor, but allows you to choose a bit more compression for smaller file sizes.

Most of us seem to use the largest, highest quality jpeg setting, or shoot RAW (or RAW + JPEG), as the cost of large memory cards is pretty low. The other factor is time to write files, with TIFF taking longest, followed by RAW + JPEG, RAW, and the variously compressed JPEG sizes. When shooting a series of action shots, it can matter.

Hope this helps

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Not sure if you're aware of this site but there is a website dedicated to all things having to do with Olympus DSLR cameras including the E-510. The website, Wrotniak.net has a large number of detailed articles relative to the operation and customization possibilities of the E-510. It may be more than you want to know. But if you want to get the most out of your camera, it's a great place to visit:



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