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Default Exposures of the Sun and digital sensors

I did a search here but came up empty even though I'm sure its been discussed.If i take sunsets/sunrise pics of sun with a Canon10D and tele lens(while avoiding looking at it),..will the sun hurt the sensor for a reasonable length exposure..say a couple of seconds?
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My rule of thumb is if it is difficult to look at the sun with my eyes, I don't point the camera at it.

I have, however, got shots of a bright sun peaking through trees, etc and I am just careful how long I point it it that direction. I have done this with my still camera, and video cameras for years without problems.

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It should not hurt the camera to take fotos of sunsets/sunrises. What may happen is that your camera may not be able to compensate for the bright light and you will have to use a neutral density filter.
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Don't forget you are focusing the intensity of the sunlight onto the CCD! NDs are good, or two linear polarizers (or a linear and circular, with the circular closest to the lens) will give you a variable ND filter.
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