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Default Most Popular Digital Camera?


What is the most popular / used Digital Camera that people use here?

Don't worry about prices, just let us all know what camera you are using at the moment.
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The Olympus C740Z, Olympus C4040Z and the Nikon 5700. I am selling the two Olympus cameras on Ebay. I know that the Olympus cameras have provided me with great pics. I convinced my wife that I want to make the jump to the Nikon. I have also used the Kodak 6490 recently and the Fuji S5000. All the cameras produce very good photos. All cameras have their quirks and strong points.
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Well it used to be the Nikon Coolpix 950 and 990 cameras but in more recent days I'd have to say it is the Olympus C-2100 UZ, affectionately known as the "Uzi" by its hoardes of owners and users. This 2-megapixel camera has a 10x stabilized super zoom lens and is responsible for a LOT of my Photo of the Day entries. Unfortunately it has been discontinued by Olympus and their newer "UZ" cameras lack the optical stabilization system.

The modern alternative is the Panasonic DMC-FZ1, FZ2 and recently announced FZ10. All use a 12x Leica stabilized lens.

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Each person will say their own is the most popular...some people judge how popular the forum is here means their camera is the most popular. Some cameras are more popular because they are cheapest price (look how many Fords are on the road compared to Merceedes).

If you're asking because you're making a choice of one to buy, don't judge on popularity...judge on what's good for you, and the camera feels good in your hands!
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Steve, is there a resource you might have access to that shows actual camera sales by model?

I work in the music business and our similar resource is Soundscan. Although it doesn't account for units sold to small "mom and pop" stores that can't afford to be plugged into the Soundscan network, it still gives you a good idea of how albums are selling in relation to other albums.
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I have purchased two refurbished UZI's in the past year, if this gives you any idea as to how popular it is. Most folks really love their digital camera, and I, like many others, will recommend what we own. But, how may have actually purchased more than one of the same camera?
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I would love to get my hands on an UZI but ebay is the only source for them that I know of.
Dropping $300+ bucks on a used camera site unseen scares me to death.

Where would one find a refurbished one and what would be a fair price to pay?

BTW I am very pleased with my new G5 :lol:
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