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Personally I find some of the reccomendations on the Olympus cameras a bit unreasonable......sure it is abit harder to take a perfect pic at 10x zoom but the Oly c-750 was my first cam and I'm doing just fine.....if I had of listened to all the negatives I never would have bought a camera.
Check out my pics and remember I'm a total amateur.
Best of luck
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Originally Posted by Wildman
Don't know about the battery for the Uzi, but the Pro90 uses a camcorder type Lithium Ion battery that has great stamina.
The UZI uses 4 standard AA NiMh batteries.
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I just bought the Kodak DX6450 3 days ago and think it atleast equals the photo quality of the Nikon 5700 I had. Speed-wise it is faster focusing than the 5700 by a long shot, no pun intended.

Here are some examples:
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Thanks for the imput. I now am trying to find a Panasonic FZ-10 to look at before I buy. Does anyone know where I can see it or if it is even on the market yet?
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The Panasonic camera has not been released for sale as of today. There are lines are forming for preorders on a camera that has not even been reviewed.
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i am also a new member and looking for a similar camera
I believe what i am looking for in a camera is Optical zoom at least by a number of 10, 3-4 Mp good quality of lens is more important than the Mp.
and the ability to expand like option of attaching filters, flash light. As has been mentioned ease orf use including easy to carry around.
I almost setteled for olympus 750 but heard about Pansonic FZ 10. BTW the price range is about the price of OLy 750.
At the end of the day good photos are the aim family and outdoors scenic and wild life (Neighbours Dog), i believe apart from photography skills good photos depend upon the lens and CCD.
So what 4 or 5 camers pro recommends.
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Are there other cameras offering more than 12x Optical zoom? So far 12x is the highest I've read on the web.
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