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Default 10x zoom digital........which is best?

Ok I am a newby here & I am interested in a 10x zoom. I have a kodak dc-280 that I have had for 4 years(bought it when it first came out) & it is great for snapshots but taking wildlife at a distance,.....well you know. I have read the reviews on the Minolta z-1, Kodak dx-6490 & Olympus c-740-750. Fromwhat I have read I have concerns about the following;
1. Cheap con struction of the Minolta & noisy zoom motor.
2. Battery life & lugging a docking station on vacation with the Kodak.
3. focus problems I have read about the olympus when zoomed out.
Is there any other cameras with 10x zoom the the experts here would reconmend?
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Old Oct 31, 2003, 10:03 AM   #2
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There's no best...it depends on your needs.

I will say that all long zooms will have problems in lower light when the camera is fully zoomed in (focusing and camera shake)...any camera with focus assist is limited to 10 feet.

As for noisy zoom motors, many cameras (including the Oly) have that issue...personally, I like the noisier motor...I know then if I'm zooming in slowly or quickly.

I guess the Panasonic's should be added to your list, including the DMC-FZ1, FZ2, & FZ10...these cameras have image stabilization which can help the novice photographer out in long zoom photos.
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You might want to look in the Panasonic discussion area for details on the FZ10 that is supposed to be released in November. It is 4Mp with a stabilized 12X zoom which maintains f2.8 throughout the zoom range. List price is going to be $600, so it is reasonably priced. The Leica lens is exceptional, but the camera is low average. But if you are happy with average quality JPG as the only file format and no long exposure noise reduction, panorama assist etc then it takes very good pictures.

It is hard to get long tele shots in many lighting conditions without a tripod or image stabilization. The FZ10 is larger than any you mentioned, but you almost have a built in tripod with the IS.

I like the large LCD on the 6490, but think the Oly 750 is a slightly better overall camera. I would personally take either over the Z1 from reviews and limited handling in a store.
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You did not include the Fuji S5000, 10X optical zoom, 3.2 mp and priced under $400. My son just bought his at Best Buy for $399 and received $100 if he signed up for MSN isp service. He used AOL before. Net price for the camera was $299.
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Thanks for the info. I have to add the panasonic & fuji to the equation now. I still don't like the battery being propietary & not knowing the cost but I am headed out today to look again at the others you have mentioned. Thanks for the info & its nice to have this forum to educate myself b-4 I go & spend $400-600 on a POS.

Thanks Steve
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Default Panasonic

The FZ10 looks like it's going to be a killer camera, plus it has a Leica lens! I may be looking hard at that one myself.
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Originally Posted by vette-freak
I still don't like the battery being propietary
I was concerned about that at first too, but the battery makes the camera lighter. I had another cam (HP 720) that uses 4 AA and the camera was heavy! Plus, the battery is Li-on and keeps a very good charge!
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I am very satisfied with the C-2100. It has none of the problems you mentioned, and is still available as a refurbished camera. If I were going to buy a new one, I'd have to look at the FZ10 when it is available.
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I recommend some advice that was given to me by a professional.
*Decide what you will be using the camera for.
* narrow down your options to those that 1) fit your needs and 2) fit your budget.
* of those pick out the best 3, 4, or 5 with the best QUALITY.
*Get the potential cameras in your hands. you will use a camera more if it feels comfortable.
*Play with the menu: you will use a camera you can actually use properly.

for me, i found that i really like AA batteries. if you run low on power you can find them anywhere and are handy to carry around.

Keep in mind the c-750 has a remote control which is great for self-family pics. I've aleady taken about 200 of those. Also, even though i use a tripod its pretty handy for keeping steady.

I also looked at the 6490. i really like everything about it...some things better than the c-750, but to me i didn't like not being able to get batteries whereever i wanted. and most importantly it was wasn't as comfortable to my wife. Still, i found it a great camera.
Great menu, easy to use, great pics, very good sequencing.

the Minolta i found to "toy-like" and flimsy.

Never got my hands on a Panasonic, so i cant say one way or the other, but have heard good things.
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I agree with lg... the Uzi or Powershot Pro90 (same stabilized 38-380 mm lens) are worth looking at. Both cameras are large (about the size of a small 35mm SLR) and both are available only as refurbs or used. The Uzi is a 2.0 megapixel camera with a focus assist lamp. The Pro90 is a 2.6 MP without assist lamp.

Don't know about the battery for the Uzi, but the Pro90 uses a camcorder type Lithium Ion battery that has great stamina.
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