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Default Uhhh Ohhh

A friend of mine accidentally erased all the pictures she had taken of a recent trip to Italy off of her 64MB compact flash card before transferring them to her computer. I recall seeing something here on these forums a while ago (and I also saw something on the TV once) about how to recover lost data on memory cards as long as the card had not been written over again. My friend has said that she may have taken around 4 pictures on the card since she wiped them, but that is all. So my question is, can anyone point me in the direction of some software that allows for recovery of lost data on memory cards. She may have wiped over a few, but I am sure that the bulk of her pictures are still on the card somewhere and she would be elated if they could be recovered as they were of family members that she may never see again.

Thank you very much
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As long as you can see the memory card as a drive letter (most cameras except for Canon), then yes, you can recover most of them).

If you can't see the memory card as a drive letter, you'll need to buy a card reader (around $25.00 at most stores now).

Here's a free program that will find and recover all possible deleted files (that have not been overwritten).

The web page is in German, but the installation will allow you to select English as the Language.


Here is the same page (translated into English by Google):


You will see a download link for "Digital Image Recovery: on the page. If you have trouble finding it, here is the direct download link to the software:


The download is compressed (.zip file), so you will need pkunzip.exe or winzip (or another utility capable of extracting the installation .exe file to install it. You can download an eval copy of winzip here:


Note: the install will let you choose English as a language. It's very simple to use (pick the drive letter from a list, and it will find and recover any files on the drive that have not been overwritten).

See this recent forum thread for more details:

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Default thanks

Thanks Jim. In haste I posted that question without searching the archives of this forum and I found the entire thread from about a month ago and was actually in the process of downloading the programs you had suggested. Thanks again.
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