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Default Gee, will i ever pick a digital camera?


I was interested in the new Fuji S7000 but a couple of reviewers have complained about the picture quality being bad and the compression being naff!

Also, the fact that you cannot choose from Fine, Normal etc when picking the pixel sizes.

I am also looking at the Olympus C5060 and maybe going for the older Fuji S602?

What do you lot think?
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Default I doubt it.

Asking us such a generalized question without telling us your budget, what you are going to shoot, what features you want, etc, etc. leaves us very little to tell you. If I were going to buy a new camera, I would get the Panasonic DMC-FZ10.
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But there's been complaints about the FZ-10 having noisy pictures...you can't win.
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Hi Chimp.......There are so many different features in a digital camera that each manufacturer will play one set off against another and within models as well. There are very few really bad cameras around, but each camera has it's strengths and weaknesses which will either fit well, or not so well with what you intend to do with it.

Hence everybody will have their own preferences according to budget. If you aim high price high spec, you may get a more versatile camera, but possibly trade off size, weight and easy shooting for point and shoot. Also you could take the bigger hit when the next and better model comes out (which they always do!) If this is your first camera you could aim a bit lower to get a feel for what your individual needs are, then you will be better informed by experience to fine tune and spend the bigger money.

I wish I'd bought a mid-range camera first to share with my partner. Although I like my 602 and what it does, I'm getting an A70 as my carry around/leave in the car/take on the beach pocket cam and allow my wife to get interested in digital photography. Having a shared interest and getting a buy-in from your partner can help a lot! VOX
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