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Sent via PM,
Originally Posted by derfberger
Excuse me, I didn't know you were the chat room maven, nor that chat rooms existed to the general public 20 years ago
I never said anything about chat rooms. This is called a "forum", and they did have forums (or BBSes) 20 years ago...I even ran my own then (albeit at 300baud and then at 1200 and 2400baud).

I believe in replying on public forums rather than in PM or email because in the reply you may post something that may be required to help repliers answer your question, like the fact that you wanted Mac software rather than PC software. As well, your reply may help someone else out who has the same problem...someone else may be a Mac user and if you replied privately, that person would never see them.

Also, I don't have time to answer every private message (although you might think so by the number of times I have posted here). If someone decides to ask me a question via email, I always refer them to forums like Steve's (or other forum depending on the topic of the question) where many people can answer the question, or correct a wrong answer. If you ask via email (or PM) you only get one answer, one opinion, and only one person benefits. I stand by my comment that the PM and Email buttons should be reserved for private or confidential information.
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Default Picture Window Pro

If you're more interested in working with photos as opposed to graphic arts then Picture Window Pro is quite nice. You can get a 30-day demo at http://www.dl-c.com/Temp/.

I used it for two weeks and then bought it and have no regrets. They also have a forum on their site where you can see questions and answers and get some idea of what's going on. Support is fantastic.
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I use a Mac and I also have PhotoShop Elements but 90 percent of the time I use iPhoto and pixelNhance.
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Serif has an older version of PhotoPlus available free. It might do everything you want: http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/ser...x.asp?ref=&SP=

The registration is a little bit of a hassle but I didnít get any spam from them after I unchecked all of their communication offers. A little glitch is that you have to use the export rather than save command to save in common formats. No problem once you know to do that.
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