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Default Small digicam searched additionally to my Minolta Dimage 7Hi

Hello everybody,

My Minolta Dimage 7Hi has only one disadvantage: In a poor country or city you are safe as long you keep your camera inside the bag. But taking pictures maybe brings you in a dangerous situation.

So I search for a small camera to keep the situation that nobody pays attention to me.

Are there some recommends on camera types (3 or more Megapixels)?
Of course, the best choice for me would be the possibility to use my 256MB CF-Card or the 1GB Microdrive CF2.

Thanks and bye

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You might look at the Canon S400 or S50 if you want to use your CF cards. The S400 is more compact but they are both pocketable.

I have a D7i and bought an Oly C50 last year. I would likely have bought a S400 had it been available, and would certainly have chosen the Pentax 550/555 or Minolta G500 over the Oly had either been available. But the Oly has been a good camera and I actually get more pictures with it than with the Minolta since it is always with me in a little belt pouch. I would avoid xD cards if you can.

I wish I could find a decent small camera with a little B&W LCD status window. It is irritating to have to go to the color LCD for all of the settings and it is hard to see in bright sunlight. But that is just wishful thinking at this point.

Keep in mind that the rangefinder viewfinders on the small cameras show only 80 Ė 85% of the image. So unless you frame with the LCD you lose nearly 1Mp from the gitgo. I donít think many people frame regularly with the LCD and they probably lose enough quality with extra camera shake that they make up for the tighter framing. Canons typically show 82% and the whole range I think uses CF.
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I agree with the Canon S400 choice. I think it's got the best photo quality out of any of the 4 Megapixel "pocketable" models currently available.

If you can part with your CompactFlash requirement, you may also want to consider the Konica Revio KD-510z (also known as the Minolta DiMAGE G500 in the U.S.).

I know of two users that own both the Konica Revio KD-510z, and the Canon S400. They both prefer the Konica (faster and more accurate indoor focus, better color accuracy, better "tone", etc.).

Unfortunately, it does not use CompactFlash media. It uses Secure Digital and/or Sony Memory Sticks (you can have both in the camera at the same time).

I was in your situation when I purchased my Konica (I already have CompactFlash cards - purchased for digital cameras I've owned in the past, and I still have a Nikon that uses CompactFlash).

I decided to take the media "out of the equation", and looked for the best pocket camera I could find -- with a good balance between Physical Size, Flash Strength, Speed of Operation, User control of image processing, Image Quality, etc.

I have been VERY pleased with this purchase.

Here is a forum thread at dpreview.com , where I pointed to threads with comments from users of both the Canon S400 and Konica KD-510z (they both perfer the Konica):


I think you'd be very pleased with either camera. IMO, the Canon S400 is certainly the best pocketable camera around that uses CompactFlash media.

BTW, you can buy the Konica for well under $400.00 now, and Secure Digital Media is becoming less expensive all of the time. I purchased a Lexar 256mb (128mb x 2) Memory Stick for mine, and plan on purchasing a Panasonic (10mb/second) Secure Digital Card soon (the camera can use both media types at the same time).
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