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AndreLikesPhotos Jul 8, 2009 9:10 PM

Shooting b/w book for printing. Any particular setting usnig Olyumpus C-750?
Shooting b/w book for reprint. Any particular setting using Olympus C-750?

I have good results with the Oly. This time I want to actually print an old book. I should photo in the best available settings.

It's a 4mp camera with Tiff at 2227 x 1720 down to every setting as low as 640x480 (all in Tiff)

I've shot documents at 1074 x 768 jpg / min compression and there's very little artifacts near edges of text.

I doubt that a printer would even pick them up .. But i'm not the professional here.

Lastly the camera has a setting for B/W. I doubt this is better than color but you tell me.

I'm looking for sharp edges and good contrast.

Moire patterns possible -
There will be photos and drawings. However I really don't expect to get excellent quality as they
weren't very good in the original. The printing technique was similar to newspaper photos in some
cases. I wonder if I'll see Moire' patterns and if so is there a filter or technique to obliterate them
without losing sharpness?

Thanks a lot. It's not a critical project. It's simply something that means a lot to me and I want to
pass it on to those who come after me.

TCav Jul 9, 2009 6:05 AM

I would shoot in color and convert to B&W in post processing. That gives you a lot more flexibility in rendering your images.

See Case Study: Converting a Colour Photo to B&W

VTphotog Jul 9, 2009 8:47 PM

One real advantage to shooting in B&W mode is that your VF will be in monochrome also, giving you a better idea of how the contrast will be in the actual output. If your camera has a document mode, this can also help, as it should set the aperture and contrast to optimum for text.
Newspapers use a half-tone system for printing photos and graphics, and this is not great for reproducing quality pictures (to say the least).
If you shoot in .tiff, an OCR program can turn your pic into a text document, if it is the text you are interested in more than just making a direct copy.


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