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I think this is a great photo and feel that the person who started this thread is wrong. Besides the fact that my husband spent almost an entire year overseas and wore this very uniform just this past year, I find this photo to be good simply because of the feelings that it inspires. I think the colors of the Desert BDU's (which are bland and blend into the sands of the middle east), the child's bright colors and beautiful eyes contrast beautifully. I remember when my husband was sending me home photographs and they were all so bland and colorless. One day he sent me a photo where he was standing in front of a bright orange truck and I was ecstatic to see him standing near color. The original poster of this thread needs to lighten up and learn to appreciate what the photo was posted for. It hardly makes a political statement!

Thank you for showing this photo and choosing it for the Photo of the Week....

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So you find todays Picture of the Day repulsive??? If you'd like, I'll post some repulsive pictures for you. In that photo I see the most gorgeous eyes I ever saw on a child. I see the look of happiness and innocence all rolled up in one. I see a child with a future, hopefully a bright one. Who knows what that child will grow up to be. Maybe they'll find a cure for a deadly disease, maybe they'll be a peacemaker or dilomat....who knows. But one thing is for sure...that child has a future. What about all the children Sadaam killed??? Where's their future? Huh?? I think thats one lucky kid in that photo.
Oh yeah,I also think the quality of the photo is outstanding too. I hope Steve does respond to you, maybe he'll post more photos like this. Also, if you don't like the picture, you don't have to look at it!!! And if you joined this forum only to bash that photo, you wasted your time pal!!!!!! I hope you can see that by the very comments that are posted here. Not one negative comment about the photo. How about that????

By the way Phil, I agree 1000% with your comments, and THANK YOU for your time served my friend.

Sorry for the rant, but this clown really [email protected]#ed me off!!!
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Old Nov 15, 2003, 9:35 PM   #13
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Default Re: I find the picture of the day repulsive.

Originally Posted by Drill
This site should be about photografie and not about politics.
this site is about photography!!
as many people have said, this picture has sooooo much quality, and i think the eyes stand out more than politics!!
i would like to thank phil for his time served in the military
and i hope that Justo Gabriel Andaluz, the photgrapher, does not feel "bad" for takeing the picture, and if you are here in this post i would like to tell you how good and unrepulsive this picture is, and i think so many people will agree

just my 2 cents
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Default nd no this is not about 9/11

First let me remind you that English is not my native tongue and
my spelling wil contain many errors.

sjms quote:
"do not turn this into a political forum"

Indeed that was just my point.

sjms quote:
"to me these are disturbing but they are a slice of history. the fact of the matter it is history. they are also great photos.
there is nothing wrong with the image only the way you perceive it."

Again a remarkable response and i must concure. The picture does have a value from a history point of view.

Chael quote:
"Obviously a good photo to envoke such emotion and discussion"

Chael hit the nail wright on the head. He is absolutly correct. The picture has a verry stong emotional effect on me. I feel disgeust and anger when looking at it. So it seems i was wrong and the picture has indeed value.

Now comes the hard part. Explaining why im angry. But because this is not the right forum for this i will make it brief and anybody that wants to discus this maturely can email me at [email protected]

I am so angy looking at the child because the Us government helped Saddam and many dictators like him to come to power and hold that power. 12 years of US enforced santions and 2 wars have killed millions of innocent civilians mostly children due to food and medicine deprivation. The correct number can be found at www.UN.org. Humanety should be very, very shamed about this. The point is that im so fed up with propaganda and lies. Lets see what future historybooks will have to tell about this era.
9/11 is not an issue in this as most of these children died before that date.

Shame on you US. Nothing can justifie this.

That was it. The subject is clossed for me. I will not reply anymore to this tread. If you wish to discuss this email me.

P.S. Im not anti american, its anti-Bushim.

Micha Heyerick
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Old Nov 16, 2003, 12:47 AM   #15
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Let's just use the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and all agree the words would be different for each of us.

I wouldn't call anyone's "interreptation" wrong.
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Old Nov 16, 2003, 2:55 AM   #16
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Being a member of a photo club that's been around since 1888, and for the first time being able to sit in on a judging session, I've learned a lot of the way the "pros" perceive photos when voting on them...they judge on proper exposure, sufficient sharpness, good lighting, good composition, etc. They don't judge on the subject like, "I scored high because I like cats" or "I scored low because I hate the subject matter and it's offensive"...that isn't considered (except for times when there's a specific topic, and the particular picture isn't on topic).
Pictures are supposed to invoke feelings...a picture can make one person happy, while making another upset...while a third person may have no reaction.
For instance, I recently visited the exhibition of the World Press Photo contest, and there's some really upsetting photos shown. One photo is of a child of a crack home that's in the States...the house is a disgrace with rotting food on the floor, the child's clothing is threadbare. But pictures like this (and Steve's POTD) should be shown because they tell stories of what's going on in the world, whether you like it or not. Can't show pictures of sunsets and flowers all the time.
The World Press Photo Contest link is:
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Old Nov 16, 2003, 9:12 AM   #17
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I know you are a wise photography expert but 1888 (LOL).

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Old Nov 16, 2003, 2:31 PM   #18
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What is wrong with the picture of the day? It's just a young lad with a shell on their body

- maybe a sign for people to come out of their shells.
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Thanks Drill for your second post. It does help to put things in perspective I hope.

I think that this response (also already stated by others) confirms that it is a good picture of the day. Now l hope that the purpose of the picture will be followed up on and that some of you will actually mail Misha and discuss the (political) issue. Better still, it would be good if someone knows of a forum where it is fit to discuss the issue as it would be a shame if this discussion would be just limited to one on one communication where it is obvious that many will be able to contribute and share opinions. So.. if anyone knows of a good place to have this debate, that would be much appreciated. Please post the link here.
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What can I say about the photo?

I am now 21 years of age, and I have NEVER seen such BEAUTIFUL eyes in my life. I wish someday I could see it in person, up close, and probably, with consent of course, get a macro shot of it!
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