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its risky but how about flashing your bios?
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Solved! Reinstalled Windows. New keyboard. No virus at all. No need to "flash bios", whatever that means. Site is slow, but that's another issue.
Jim did it again. Thanks!
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Some have to be careful of course those viruses get in to every thing.. Had a gal come over once and she got right on with out asking me if she could and went and checked her mail and later sent some things to her mail from mine.. Then when I took her home she got right on there to check if it came in and she found she had a Torgan and wow if she did not know its like she did and just her checking her mail and sending her self stuff.. she infected my computer as well... Pissed me off for sure.. her husband works for Boeing's and ya know how hackers are they hacked to cut em down by sending Viruses all the time.... nope I have newer computers now days and no one gets to just hop on...
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