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View Poll Results: Will the Evil equal or replace the DSLR
It will match it but not replace it 0 0%
It will replace it 4 19.05%
It will be it's own thing along side DSLR, Bridge, and P&S 14 66.67%
No Clue 3 14.29%
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The wind up watch has made a bit of a come back. Nemo's makes a line of wind up watches. And have been successful.

But we will see where the EVIL will develop into. We may see a EVIL eos eplace the 1d and 4d one day in full frame.
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Originally Posted by Chato View Post
This entire discussion will be academic once the EVIL overcomes it's present problems. Once it does, it's advantages are to great to believe that the mirror will remain. As for lenses, they will either use the larger bodies or create new ones.

This electronic technology is absolutely awesome as a direct aid to photographers (at the moment this potenital has not been realized). The mirror box will hang around a bit until old timers are all dead, and then it will be a curiosity, much like a wind up watch.

How many die hard film SLR users have turned to Digital SLRs??? I did!!! How many said they would never change?? And yet many (most??) did.

Sometimes new technology is too good to ignore. As much as I would like SLRs to survive, there has to be a day when purely electronic cameras (without mirror box) will replace a technology that is already 60 years old.
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Originally Posted by dnas View Post
... Look, I know you think the format is rubbish, but I think it's smart design and the results are better than you make them out to be.
I never said that. I think they're better than P&S digicams, but I wouldn't buy one of those either.

My point is that the method EVIL cameras use to correct rectilinear distortion in the corners reduces sharpness where the images aren't very sharp to start with. You've shown that rectilinear distortion is a problem with current dSLR lenses, so it's bound to be more of a problem with EVIL lenses. EVIL cameras seem to break one thing in order to fix another, which seems like just too much of a compromise for me.
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