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sjm817 Nov 26, 2003 9:39 AM

Still cant decide on new camera. Help? (need more zoom)
I thought I was set on the Canon SD100. Now I'm thinking I want more zoom. My current camera, a Canon A50 has 2.5x which I always thought was pretty minimal. The 2x on the SD100 would not be enough. I'd like 3x minimum 4x would be nice.

The are lots of models with a 3x zoom. The 3x cameras are still pretty small. Once you get into 4x +, they get quite a bit larger.

I'm looking at 3 - 4 Megapixel range.

In a 3x, the A70 looks very nice.

In the 4x, the Minolta S414 looks interesting. Some of the user reviews of this camera are less than stellar, which has me concerned. I found it for a nice price of $250 which seems great for a 4 MP 4x camera. The Kodak's have that too high of a JPEG compression issue, so I'm not really looking at them. Price needs to be under $300, closer to $250 - $275 if possible.

Any comments or suggestions?

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