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Andy Coburn May 12, 2010 1:17 PM

How to see camera firmware AIPTEK AHD-Z700 Extreme (Model=V5Z5FS)
For those who like to know how to check camera firmware AIPTEK AHD-Z700 Extreme. ( Model=V5Z5FS )

Since previous model Aiptek AHD-Z600 has a "Mode" button see below procedure to check FW
Do as follow:
1. Press the "Playback" button to enter the playback mode.
2. Press joystick-down and hold it and press by the other hand the "Snapshot" button for 2 seconds.
3. You will see the Firmware version now.
(To enter the special menu press the joystick to the right)
(Be carefull what you do there !!!)
4. To quit the firmware screen press the "Menu" button.

Hope it is helpfull info,
Andy Coburn

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