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Originally Posted by UrbanPhotos
Small cameras are very handy. My first digital camera was a Sony DSC-P31. I now have an F717 as well, but I plan to keep the p31 even when I eventually upgrade my "main" camera, beacuse it's nice to have a little camera that I can take anywhere in my pocket and use for spontaneous pictures that don't really matter (and sometimes end up being really cool).
Yes -- I'd leave my larger cameras at home too often, so a smaller one is nice to have.

BTW, I know of several Sony DSC-F7x7 users who now have the Minolta G500 (probably because it can use their old Memory Sticks).

So far, all of Sony users I've seen buy it have been pleased (although, of course it can't compare to having a fast F2.0/F2.4 lens, hologram focus system, etc.). But, it's kind of hard to fit a DSC-F7x7 in a pocket.

It's too bad that the Konica models (KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, KD-500z, KD-510z/MInolta G500) don't support the newer MS Pro format though (only standard Memory Sticks are supported).
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Just got back from BestBuy, they only had the S400 so I didn't get to handle the others, darn. It was small and I liked the size, it was easy to operate and I could easily figure out the menus and such. But it didn't win me over, I'm still undecided. I did, however, get to handle a lot of other cameras. Pretty much every cam they had is a lot smaller in real life than it appears to be on the net. I really liked the S50. It was pretty small (not quite pocketable, though) and easy to use. And I hear that the S45/S50 take great pictures too. It's a shame they have poor macro perfromance, otherwise I'd definitely pick one up. The A80 was nice too. The G5 didn't have any batteries in it so I didn't get to play with it, bummer. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Canon's. I played with the Nikon 5400 and I liked that one too, it's a bit pricey, though. So many choices...
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