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Default Articulating Screen

Why don't we see more articulating screens on DSLR cameras? I have two Canon point-and-shoots with articulating screens and I absolutely love this feature and use it all the time. Yesterday I looked at a Nikon D5000 in the store just to check out the new bottom articulating screen and I found it completely useless compared to the ones that open out to the side.

I would love to see a DSLR with the articulating screen out to the side.
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It depends what you want to shoot and for what purpose. I think more consumer users will find it nice, but I still prefer to use the view finder. I would get no use out of it at a sports event but will admit to using live view at a wedding for a high shot, where possibly I might get a little better view with an articulating screen but I've not found a limitation really as yet in not having one...... I do have a Canon SX1 that has the articulating screen and certainly do use it but can survive without.

So it is an individuals preference I guess same as most things in this game, also probably it is what you are used to using. I think if a client saw me using a camera at arms length rather than to my face the would wonder what they were paying for LOL.
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Personally, I think more moving parts is a bad idea. An articulating screen is something else that can fail from use or abuse, or break off when the camera is dropped or banged, especially when a big, heavy lens is attached. I won't buy a dSLR with an articulating screen.
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I eagerly await the development of good VR goggles, with the image feed bluetoothed from camera to goggles. Then camera orientation can be totally freed from my head motion. Why must I aim my face at something, in order to photograph it? (And yes, I sometimes use a spy mirror attachment, so the camera and I are at 90 degrees from what the lens sees. Sneaky, eh?)
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Articulating in this context means it has a pivot and can be adjusted
or moved into different positions, not much good in bright sunlight as
it's difficult to view/read in any position if the the sunlight interferes.

It can be of benefit indoors eg. at a Gig when the camera can then be held
high above the heads of the crowd to get a better shot of the proceedings.


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If the pivot of the screen in not place right, it would be pretty much the same as a screen that does not move when using a tripod. As you can not get it into position. Currently the panasonic and olympus seems to have the best design that will work well on a tripod.
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Articulating screens are nice, but not necessary for me. I never longed for one or miss it with my D300 and rarely use it on my D5k. I use it mostly for video, but have used it to grab candid shots. The thing I like most about it is the ability to turn the screen in towards the body for storage to protect the lcd. All in all, it's not a deal breaker and I could easily live without it.
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The viewfinder on a DSLR is still far better than any LCD display and is usable in any lighting situation. For those odd angles I have a right angle adapter (Nikon MR-6) that clips on the eyepiece and can rotate to view from any orientation. I haven't found live view to be all that useful in the field especially in bright sunshine so I don't miss an articulating LCD.
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I've owned a DLSR about a month now and it has a fully articulated screen and has Live View. Haven't used either feature yet for any of the 500 or so shots I've taken so far. The screen is folded to the body except when I'm reviewing photos or using the menu.

A. C.

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