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Default LCD Displays - a real issue

My church asks me from time to time to sub in to do the photographic work for events when the main photographer is unavailable. Yesterday was confirmation Sunday & is regarded as pretty important as it involves a lot of individual & family photos so I tried to pay attention to details. The issue though, involves differences in displays. I have a Dell Ultrasharp that is an IPS panel. When I finalize my photos & look at then on even a decent quality TN panel, the photos appear washed out. The fact of the matter, is that's just one of the reasons why I cant stand TN panels (another reason obviously is viewing angle).

The difference is so startling that it makes the difference between judging whether a photo is a really good photo versus less than even an okay photo. Most people use the less expensive TN panels because they are inexpensive, and that no doubt, is one of the reasons why people prefer photos which are over saturated.

Anyway, it's sort of depressing. You can have or create what you feel/see as a really good PIX, but in all probability the person who you give or send your photo to will see something significantly different. As such, I dont know how people can post their PIX on the website for critique and have a lot of confidence in what is being seen for review by the person at the other end.

Maybe a question is, given the situation, what is a suitable strategy for developing photos for distribution?


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No way to know what display's on the other side of the mirror.
I have 3 TN LCDs where i can check my photos with different results and i've been thinking in buying an IPS Dell (Computer forum) to get more trustable picks. But...
I see one only solution for your problem: get one or two TN displays, compare and give the people what they like the best.
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I save my originals clean. Then any I "publish", I run batch thru Irfanview and turn up contrast, saturation and sharpen. I also resize. I'm just trying to make the folks that look at the pics see what they want (I maintain the family photo site).

If I were posting to a pro site, I would make less corrections.
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Interesting as I find myself almost automatically (having to?) going down (at least some of) the paths each of you have suggested. Mainly, verifying the PIXes on different monitors and, if when making color adjustments, then increasing the saturation a significant step. (One of the things I noticed over the years in the new camera reviews is the frequent comment about how developers often ensure that the camera produces very deep saturated colors "which seem to be preferred by consumers". Im coming to believe that really is because of the ubiquity of inexpensive TN panels which, in general, present colors less saturated than IPS or even possibly PVA type panels.)

Thanks so far to all of you for your useful comments.
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You may be able to create a secondary calibration table for your monitor to simulate the displays you wish to view. Using a color managed editor, you can then pick the second calibration to soft proof .

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