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Default From Experience

Thats actually a great question and courts, law enforcement agencies and private industries are looking at how to best use these new technologies for court cases. I won't go in to specifics of my job but I have found it varies from juridiction to jurisdiction. Different courts have different ideas of how to handle this type of evidence. Though there are no strong industry standards in this area it seems most courts look at this as with any other evidence. Was the chain of evidence kept, was the image altered and did the alteration have a material effect on the image. For instance if a license plate was washed out but enhancing the image produced a license number, it may still be used as evidence if the process used for enhancing it can be defined and gives acurate results. If you typed in a number over the plate to make it apear to be a specific number, then you materially altered the image. FYI I am not a lawer these are just opinions from experience.
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Interesting question

BillDrew wrote:
but my impression is that no photo is ever taken as evidence without someone testifying that the photo is a real representation of what occured.
From what I know, BillDrew is absolutely correct.
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I have been in court on two cases in reference to the digital photos I have taken. Both times I was asked three questions.

1) Did you take these photographs
2) Do they represent the scene as you saw it
3) Did you alter these images in any way

both times the defense never cross examined and I was done.
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