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Default Shoot in RAW + JPEG?

Just got my T1i today and before I start shooting any pictures, I thought I should ask this. I have never dealt with RAW, but since I have plenty of hard disk space on my computer, it is probably a good idea to shoot in RAW + JPEG, right? And am I understanding this correctly that if you shoot in RAW, things like white balance settings on the camera don't matter because you can manipulate them afterwards in editing? Any other settings on the camera that are more easily manipulated afterwards by using RAW than if the camera processes them? And does PSE work well for editing RAW (that is what I have now)? Thanks.
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First, shooting RAW + JPEG not only takes up more space on your computer, it takes up more space on the camera's SD Card. Five time more space. If you don't have a big card, or you plan on shooting lots of photos between trips to your computer, you might want to rethink that.

Second, shooting RAW + JPEG can also slow the camera down quite a bit, so if you'll be shooting in continuous mode, you might also want to rethink that.

Yes, RAW files provide you with more capabilities and greater latitude for processing your photos, and if something goes wrong, sometimes your only hope might be to extract what you can from a RAW file.

And, yes, PSE can work with RAW files, but if you don't have a recent version, you may have to download the most recent version of Adobe Camera RAW for your version of PSE.
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RAW+JPEG gives you the most information you can possibly get for
each picture. The down side is much bigger files and slower/shorter
bursts in drive mode. I normally shoot RAW+JPEG unless I want to
capture a burst of more than three consecutive shots, or in the
unlikely event that I need to get more than 500 shots (two 8G cards)
in a single days shooting.
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As a fellow rookie I'd say try it and see if you like it. I tried it for awhile until the software was available to read the T2i RAW files. After than, I've been mostly RAW only, but I'm sure you'll find your own preferences in short order.
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Good advice from all. You are going to have to make the decision based on how you shoot, how much you shoot, how much time you are willing to spend PP, and how confident you are in your ability to get exposure and WB correct.

Raw + jpeg is a good way to go for many circumstances: you can dump the Raw if you find the jpeg good enough, or dump the jpeg if it needs to be worked on.

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I'm a recent convert to RAW only for wedding and portrait shoots. Previously I was RAW+jpg for church shots where the ISO was pushed and everything else in jpg only. However in the last few weeks after shooting weddings in horrible conditions I'm a total RAW only person now. Well when I shoot sports I will still be jpg only, but for weddings and portraits I've gone RAW. I use Canons own software and find it wonderful to sort everything out and actually my work flow time for a wedding has dramatically reduced with batch colour correction and anything else that needs changing. Doing the same from a jpg just takes too much time and you don't have the same detail to play with.

However, I'm not saying you need to go this far, for most people the jpg engine in the camera is fine and you can still do colour correction etc but it's not as simple and you don't have the same latitude of correction in some areas.

So, I'm totally loving RAW for the time that it's given me back.
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I enjoy playing around with pictures, I've been doing that since I got my first digital camera, which was jpg only. So switching to raw was a no-brainer for me.

For the most part I shoot raw only. When I first get a camera I'll shoot raw+ because it gives me a better idea of the camera's capability. There are times when shooting jpg only is the way to go and it's nice to know what you are giving up or gaining when you do that, and what type of camera settings to use. I'm thinking of going back to raw+ because I've been having great fun looking at some others b&w shots and want to do more of it myself. While I want the color raw version to convert (I'll use either photoshop or lightroom for the conversion, more versatility) it would be nice to see the camera's b&w version to get an idea of what to expect.
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I shot in RAW only, no loss of speed in burst mode at 7 fps and more space on the CF card. After downloading from the CF to the computer and then processing I end up with three files of each picture. The original RAW, Hi Res jpeg for printing and a Low Res jpeg for posting. That fills up my computer faster than I can keep track of from week to week.
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RAW+Jpeg will lower your burst period. You will get about 7 shot before shutter lag with the t1i and a class 10 card, while large jpeg will give you about 24 shots before buffer lag. So if you are into action shooter, the 7 round burst may be to limiting.
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I started shooting digital 8 years ago, with P&S's that only produced JPG's or TIF's. When I got my first dSLR a bit over 2 years ago, I kept on with JPG's. "Who needs that RAW stuff anyway?", I thought, "I'm just shooting for fun." A few months ago I started shooting RAW+JPG but quickly went to RAW-only. This is mostly because I'm more likely to shoot with my ~100 manual lenses than with my 6 AF lenses; and metering is inconsistent with such older glass; and exposure and WB problems are MUCH better fixed in RAW than JPG files. I also prefer the B&W and other filtering I can apply to RAW files, not just the limited RGB channels of a JPG. Working RAW just gives me much more control over the images.
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