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Originally Posted by ewheeler20 View Post
you seem pretty adamant about that. i am curious as to why though?
What people tend to forget is reatilers are in it to make money. Black Friday serves two purposes. Firstly it purges old inventory to make room for the newest items that will be up at the height of the shopping season. Any loses are deductable. Secondly it gets people in the door. Most great deals are limited in quantity and the reason for the stampeedes of 1000 people trying to get 1 of 5 items. Well 5 people got lucky and the other 995 are in the door looking at other items with a very large chance they will make a purchase before the leave. The stores are systematically rearranged to make shoppers really dig deep to find the hidden deals on the bottom shelf in the back of the store and putting the prospective money earning displays right up in your face towards the front.

Also a lot of top end electronics companies enforce a contract that the retailer had to sign before becoming an authorized retailer. Part of that contract dictates what they can sell an item for to keep the market stable and not fall prey to price wars and lost value of a particular item. All the major camera manufactureres fall into this category.

When the battles done and the smoke clears...December 26th its time to dump inventory to avoid floor taxes starting with manufacture on down.
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Default Maketing and BF and you and your money's worth

Originally Posted by Data View Post
In the meantime I bought my 60D and am ecstatically happy with it.
I'm now thinking of buying a zoom lens, something like the 70-200L.
Black Friday is getting closer and I'll wait to see if anything happens with lenses on that day.
Do stores discount other accessories e.g. flash, lenses, batteries, or something I haven't even thought about yet, on this day?
I love marketing, sold on Ebay before ebay was even around (not actually I sold on newsgroups and BBS's) ..
The products that sell on BF other than this year's hot item is the junk, ahem.. I stand by that.. the stuff that people
who simply want to buy .. anything buy. It's the stuff, at e.g Office Max, where a piece of green felt on a balsa wood box sells for $10 to your golfing buddy.

Right now is , in my opinion, the time to get hot to
buy via closeouts online where Amazon has one left of
something you really want and .. I can't speak to
every department but I've been paying 10c on the dollar
for scientific materials for the past 60 days.

There's another consideration that might be 'true' for
2010 - 11. The tax code for corporations changes and
from listeing to a few financial newsletters in Apr 2010
it seems the goal , for business, is to push as much
profit into 2010 because 2011 is going to tax the profit
much more heavily.. thus there's no deals in 2011.

The current state of the Dow and markets says this
information, from April 2010, might be accurate. .

I apologize that I come off sour and jaded. Please enjoy
your shopping, deals and the hunt. I really think that
Amazon, Overstock, Buy.com (maybe) and Nextag / Google shopping search engines will be the place to be
starting 30 days ago and running until you drop. : )

The only deals is a marketer selling as much as they
can as fast as the cash can change hands. The confusion
is the grease that makes deals happen.. not markdowns
or planned discounts. These, discounts, never have
enough stock to satisfy , you, unless you're a masochist
and willing to be outside at 4am in the cold and rain.

Have a happy holiday.. maybe, don't buy anything. : )
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