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Life is an adventure, I am sure she will enjoy it once the nerves settle down.
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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
Well Hards its like this I know of a guy back in Missouri whom got a ticket for not stopping at a red light and then one here that I live with as well got on too!
But I see it this way they can nab ya as well for failing to stop at a red light even in a turn at a red light... which you can do turn to the right only once you stop and make sure you can go those cameras can snap while you are turning after a stop with the light still red and viola they got a case for money in their pockets.. so what will that bring the right hand turn after a stop on a red will soon be going again... is what I think if they manage to do this to often....
So I will stop and sit for a time before making that turn or just take all the back roads... Gas prices have gone back up to $3.00 gal here and no matter which way they manage to get more out of the buck than we will ever some how!
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LOL, unleaded petrol in the UK costs $8.65 per gallon.
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really ..!!..? do you like indian food...? which dish is your favourite..?
BTW thanks for sharing wonderful photos...its a great help..
Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
Yes, but more so to have Indian food..... can't get anything here, Chinese food.... they try but it's not good and good old carvery/roast
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