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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
beyond this, its very easy to record your own actions if what you are doing is the same every time and you don't find what you need.
I thought of doing that Dustin, but you know my limited knowledge of PS, I'm still a baby user and couldn't work out how I can set say a border to be 50 pixels from each edge no matter the dimensions of the photo, and then to have the portion in the area between this border and the edge to be blurred.
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Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
Frank, if you downloaded the Irfanview plugins, along with Irfanview, one of them allows the program to use the .8bf adobe plugins, so you can use most of them with Irfanview. The Filters Unlimited plugin I mentioned, works, as does Virtual Photographer.

thanks for the info.
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Maybe This Will Get You Started.
I Will Be Glad To Provide You With Screen Shots, If You Need Them.
This Is Not As Bad As It Seems.
It Also Can Be Done As An Action.

Open You Image

Resize To Put On Your Web Page

1. Make A New Layer

2. Click > Select > All

3. Click > Select > Modify > Contract
Try 20 Pixels (You Pick What Ever You Like)
Click OK

4. Click > Edit > Stroke >
Try 8 px
Tick "Inside" = Will Give You Square Corners
Pick Your Color (You Can Pick You Color At The Same Time)
Click OK

It Is Still Selected

5. Click On The Background Layer .. In The Layer Palette (Your Image Layer)
So You Background Layer Is Highlighted

6. Click > Select > Inverse

7. Click > Edit > Copy

8. Click > Edit > Paste
This Will Be Your Border

9. Now You Go To Filters
Click > Filter > Almost .. What Ever You Like To Play With
You Can Lower The Opacity On This Layer If You Like

Add Your Name Flatten .. Your Done

I Know You Can Do It
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