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Default what is the best camera phone?

To me sony ericsson w810 has had the best camera. This phone was realeased 4 years ago but it takes awesome photos with autofocus and flash.


Now iphone 4g is doing its jobs with nice photos but is not accesible for everybody.

what is do you think is the best camera phone?
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iphone 4 follow by the BB with the 3.2mp camera
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I think Nokia n8 has the best camera out there. It's 12mpix, although obviously megapixels are nothing to go by. I think it has a "Carl Zeiss" lens.
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I've also been starting to look for a phone and decent camera. One that will work with TracPhone - prepaid costs about $100/yr given the minutes I use.
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I think I'll just wait for the telecom option on the Leica.

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motorola droid 2 camera isnt to bad im pretty sure its a 5mp with dual led flash
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iphone 4....

w/ attachment.

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Originally Posted by ewheeler20 View Post
iphone 4....

w/ attachment.
LOL. I wonder if anybody has hooked up an iPhone to something like this:

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Not sure on the best, but I can tell you that the "8MP" camera on the Moto Droid X is complete garbage

I think the 5MP unit on the Moto Droid 1 and the new Droid 2 is better, and that unit wasn't the best either. I haven't used an 1Phone 4 (AT&T service is horrible in my area), however like shoturtle said, I think my old BlackBerry (3MP) took better photos than all of my most recent smartphones.

While I never expect these phones to perform as well as even an entry-level digicam, it would be nice to get at least some high-quality 2-3 megapixel images from them. Don't hold your breathe though, seems the megapixel race is in full swing with these phones nowadays...
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Well, Panasonic is about to launch a Lumix phone in Japan.

This will be the first camera with a phone rather than phone with a camera.


Very tempting of course, but rumours are for an early 2011 release in Japan, the rest of the world probably won't see it until mid-year if ever.

This also looks interesting:


Also :

Samsung Memoir
Sony-Erikson Vivaz
My gallery
My X100 blog

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