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at least you have some taste

it will be around for a long while yet, but it is only time till it is gone

but then thats true of all things
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Default Please read my post Film vs. Digital

Please read my comments: General Q&A = Film vs. digital
All in the movie industry is changing...affects all of you who like to go to the movies...sorry should have posted here..
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Default Lord of The Rings Movies - Recommended for All to see!

"Return of the King" was, in my opinion, the best of the three movies. Each of the LOTR movies was better than any movie I have ever seen-- the second better than the first, and the last even better! As for the length, the story was so enthralling that the 3 hrs and 45 minutes seemed only like 2 hours. It is truly refreshing to see movies that portray good overcoming evil, are suitable for the whole family to view, and do justice to the author of the books on which they are based!
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Like LG, I liked the third LOTR and thought each movie was better than the previous. I did, however, hate the end of Return of the King and thought the ending dragged. I did not dislike the way Peter Jackson handled the end of the trilogy, I simply hated the end of the story in the book itself. I thought it was too anti-climatic. Anyways, I can see why some would say the third movie lacked the level of story the other two had but don't forget it was the end part of the story. There comes a point in a story where things just have to happen. And, yeah, they left a lot out of all three movies, but that's what the extended versions on DVD are for. They can only make the movie so long.
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After mulling it over, I believe the movie needed a break about 2 hours in.
I think what annoyed me the most was at about the 2 hour mark there was a steady stream of people walking in and out of the theater for bio breaks and to reload their popcorn buckets & bladderbuster drinks.

In the olden days and at drive ins there is a convienint break provided between the 2 - 90 minute "features". When a movie gets to be as long as the LOTR's maybe something similar should be implemented.
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I'm with Peter on the intermission thing. It probably would have broken the mood/emotion, but in our showing 3 people knocked things over trying to sneak out to the bathroom. And thank goodness it was a theater with the bigger more comfortable seats.

That said - it was a great piece of film-making.
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