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Default Nikon 5000 or 3100 pleaseee helpppp

So I've had a point and shoot and I wanted to upgrade to a dslr but I don't know which one to get! I'm new to all of this so I don't know what these things mean but I wanted my pictures to turn out like this



I was going to buy the canon t2i but then I heard mixed things about it and that I was primarily for video and I don't care about video

So then I was going to get the canon xs or sxi or t1i but then I wanted to get a nikon d5 please don't be biased because this is a canon place

and now I just don't know please HELPP!

Now I really want a nikon 5000d or d3100 helpp which ones better??
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Actually, there's no reason to think that the D3100 would be any better or worse than the D5000 at capturing those sample photos. In fact, there's no reason to think either of them would be better than the T2i, or even a decent P&S.

Can you be a little more specific about the types of photos you want to take?
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There is mix thing about all the camera's you listed. Most pretty much all the camera's have very similar Image Quality. From the d5000 to the D3100, to the T1i to the T2i. The T2i is the better format for HD as it has all the nice HD bells and whistle. But for still photos it is a excellent camera, just like the other 3.

The XSi is not a bad camera either, just getting long in the years, and do not shoot above 1600iso like the other 3, but form the 100-1600iso range, it matches the others in image quality. And it has the same excellent AF system as the T1i and T2i.

The Xs is the throw back, and all the other 4 camera are better then it. The AF is older, and not as good as the others.

The d3100 only shoots higher iso then the d5000 and does full HD, they crammed in more pixels. But next to that they are very similar. Both use the same AF system.

If HD is import the T2i is the best tool, but on a photographic side. Budget, what else do you like to shoot and where do you see your photography direction will lead will help determine which system is better.
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